I'm lecturer in the Department of Philosophy at University College Cork, where I have been since 2006. Previously, I was a post-doctoral fellow at the University of Toronto, where I also completed my MA and PhD in the Department of Philosophy and was a junior fellow of Massey College. Prior to that, I read for a BA in Psychology, Philosophy and Physiology at St. Anne's College in Oxford.

My research is at the intersection of Philosophy of Mind and Cognition and Philosophy of Science; I'm especially interested in the concepts of emergence and explanation, the use of dynamical systems theory in cognitive science, and the "extended mind" hypothesis.

Most recently, I've been thinking about emergence, worrying about AI, doing some historical work on the lamentably neglected philosopher C.D. Broad, and dabbling in experimental work on the way we attribute (and make moral judgments about) motives. I am also red-green colour-blind, and so I've started to think and write about that too.

You can read more about all that on my research page.