Joel Valdez

Entrepreneur, Business Strategist, Growth Hacker

IT Engineer turned Entrepreneur and Marketing Technologist, with a strong interest in the intersection between Business, Technology & Innovation.

In the past ten years Joel has held key positions in various companies and also started multiple businesses himself, acquiring important experience in Project Management, Growth Hacking, Digital Strategy, and E-Business. He's known for a strong leadership, passion and vision.

Joel has a Bachelor in Telecommunications Engineering, a MOOC-based MBA, and various certifications in Digital Marketing, Analytics, and Information Technology.

Professional areas of interest: Predictive Analytics, Marketing Automation, Data Science, E-Commerce.

Industries he's interested in: Entrepreneurship, Cyber-security, Real Estate, Energy, Internet, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality.

Random: Traveled the world for a year. Loves to cook. Voracious reader. Healthy lifestyle enthusiast. Fully bilingual in English and Spanish. Passionate about the cosmos, astrophysics, philosophy, economics, politics, and many other fascinating topics. He lives in Florida, United States with his wife and daughter.

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