I am so excited to announce my first song "Thanks" from my upcoming album "Begin" is now available. I felt that this song had such a heavy feeling. You can actually feel the weight in each step as the song moves forward; and most importantly moving forward into a more hopeful frame of mind...

That, is the basis of this entire album. It's intended to help you step forward into something better. No matter how heavy each step may be. Its pretty safe to say the songs on the album will keep getting more and more hopeful as the album progresses. So all I ask of you is to give me barely 4 minutes of your time and enjoy my new song 'Thanks'.

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Lyrics written by Joel and Kayla Janikowski.

I'll change my mind

and it will give me life

cause I know in time

that light will shine upon my eyes

A remedy

left inside of me

the truths locked inside my mind

for the words I cannot find

It's all about the way we live our lives

with the pain we keep inside.

like a trudge through the marsh

we heal all our scars

for the day that we'll open up

We search for light

but it all takes time

sometimes it's like this never ends

but time itself allows all these things to mend.