Update: Braille & Discipline

I would like to share with you my newest project, Braille & Discipline. Its been a work of progress (on and off) since early 2015 and I am slowly seeing these songs come into light for the first time. The entirety of this project is dedicated to the members of Two Step Suzy (Dominic Jacobs, Troy Gion, Steve Banyai, Levi Kilzer) Out of Bullets (Jill Mollman, Travis Mollman, Troy Gion, Myself) And our friends who enjoyed it all along the way (Kayla Janikowski, Marshall Woroniecki, Kim Conlon, Samantha Berry, Blaize Kautzman, Daniel Blickendsturfer, Jamie Ottmar, Charlie Crane, Alex Johnson, Westley Johnson, Aaron Friedt, Michael Wehri, AND SO MANY MORE! These people were part of some of the most fun times of my life and I can't thank them enough for that.

Ever since I started making music, I have always wanted to push myself further and further vocally. This just seemed like the next obvious step in that direction. I can easily say that this album pushes me so far that it gets intimidating sometimes. There's a lot of energy and heart in this album, probably more than any other work I have done. So please enjoy the following 2 songs in the embeded playlist below.