Enjoy a quick teaser of a demo from the upcoming album "Begin"

The album is called Begin and it's going to be a 6-7 track album about leaving a dark place to find something better for yourself. It kind of happened out of nowhere really. It's a mix of old ideas and new songs that had a lot of connecting points when I played them a certain way. Unlike my previous work, this is a very consistent and steady paced album. Slowly making its way from a sadness to peaceful.


Another important thing to note about this album is that the lyrics were a collaboration I did with my wife. Being that she has always been a huge source of inspiration, it felt very natural to have her a part of the process.

Now, I know what some of you are thinking. 'Wait, weren't you going to come out with a rock album soon?'... And the answer is: Yes! Kind of... As soon as it gets further along, I will let you know.

Anywho! I can't wait to share this new album with you guys once it's finished! Even if it takes me a few more months due to my busy schedule, I hope to get it done this year!

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