Selected Online Works


"The Electron Microscope (a half sonnet)" in OmniVerse (Spring 2015).

"Propositions We Will Always Have with Us" in OmniVerse (Spring 2015).

“Zion” inThe Cultural Society (update 06.4.12).

“Gravity Always Wins” inThe Cultural Society (update 03.17.10).

“Our Lady of the Scientific Method” in The Cultural Society (update 03.17.10).

“Thoughts of the Quantum Mechanic” and “Astrology” in Konundrum Engine Literary Review (Winter 2008; an exchange with Nancy Kuhl)

“Courtship in the Age of Youtube” in The Cultural Society (update 02.19.08).

“this week mistook your watching yourself for coyness...” in The Cultural Society (update 06.20.06).

“potted”in Drunken Boat 8 (Fall 2006).

“Diogenes and Stagolee in a Punch-Up” (from Presocratic Blues) in The Cultural Society (update 03.29.06).

“As We Would Say” in Jacket 22 (May 2003).

“curling up” in The Cultural Society (update 10.04.02).

“in foothills” in The Cultural Society (update 10.04.02).

“unbelieveable what today has been” in The Cultural Society (update 09.01.02).

“Manifest Destiny” in The Cultural Society (update 07.24.02).

“Postscript” in The Cultural Society (update 07.24.02).

“Conjunctions” in The Cultural Society (update 06.23.02).

“The Comforting Sound of Crickets” in deluxe rubber chicken#1 (May 1998).

“Poem of Myself” in deluxe rubber chicken#1 (May 1998).


"Problems and Propositions: On Where We Find the Avant-Garde," Chapter One of Avant-Garde Pieties: Aesthetics, Race, and the Renewal of Innovative Poetics, reprinted at Dispatchers from the Poetry Wars (Fall 2018 Updated).

“Charles Bernstein’s Shadowtime and Faithful Interpretation.” Textual Practice 21:4 (2007): 737-760.

Rev. of Mirrors for Gold, by Roberto Tejada. Jacket 34 (Dec. 2007).

Rev. of Human Resources, by Rachel Zolf. Cross Cultural Poetics 18 (2007): 141-146.

Rev. of Surfaces, by John Tipton. Jacket 28 (Oct. 2005).

Rev. of On the Cave You Live In, by Philip Jenks. Jacket 18 (Aug. 2002).


The imagination’s shifts between stability and disorientation.” By Elizabeth Robinson (interviewer) Jacket2 24 January 2012.

“Rachel Zolf in conversation with Joel Bettridge.” (interviewer) Jacket 37 (Early 2009).

“A Conversation with Juliana Spahr.” (interviewer) How2 2:3 (2005).

By Kate Greenstreet, First Book Interview (on That Abrupt Here), Every Other Day 20 July 2007.