Jobs For You

By: Aarna Patel & Abhishree Verma


The COVID-19 pandemic is a global-spanning health and social-economic health crisis which has brought the whole world on a standstill with the humans locked up into their houses with zero human contact. The pandemic has led to a steep economic downfall whose impact can be clearly seen at the local level amplifying the already increasing social-economic distress. The deprived sector comprises daily-wage workers, domestic helpers, watchmen, florists, cooks , plumbers, car drivers, vegetable vendors etc. which have been a collateral damage of the economic hardships losing their source of income and bread.

With traditional means of job-hunting, travelling to distant places to meet recruiters taking a hit in covid-19 pandemic, a need for mobile-based utility services arises which not only bridges the digital divide between the deprived sector and opportunities but also carves a pathway towards incorporating technology into the daily lives with open arms.

About Us!

Jobs For You is a working prototype which targets the low-wage workers in providing a high-impact job search platform by bridging the digital divide and providing relevant information to job-seekers on their mobile and connecting them to the businesses open for hiring ,thus connecting the two sectors of society . This website caters to the low-wage workers giving them an opportunity to be noticed via simplistic and an intuitive platform supporting multilingualism . Post signing up, you're personally contacted by us via call / mail to personalize the job-seeking/hiring experience.


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