1) Huge Project of world-wide Translation and Voice-over (Narration) of the Hindu Philosophical / Spirituality Books. (Printing & Audio)

(Only for the professional, skilled Freelance Translators and Voice-over Artistes)

The Original English Text in PDF is to be translated in all the Indian Regional Languages and other International Languages including French, German, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Arabic, Persian, Turkish, Pushtu, Dari, Burmese, Sinhalese, Spanish, Portuguese, Hebrew, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Tagalog, Indonesian Bahasa, and all the major African Languages.

Total 18 books to be translated for Printing and Narrated for Audio Books from the original English text, we need 10 translators and 10 voice-over artists to begin the job in each language.

The simultaneous Narration for Audio Books will also go on as soon as each chapter is translated.


Translation:- INR 1.00 per word for Indian Regional Languages and USD $ 0.040 per word for Foreign Languages.

Narration / Voice-over:- INR 15,000/- per hour of Finished, Studio recorded Narration in Indian Regional Languages and USD$ 350 per hour in foreign Languages.

2) Simple (English) Data Entry in MS - Excel:- From CVs / Resume of Translators, Voice-over artists and Data Entry operators. (ONLY FOR INDIAN CITIZENS)

3) Google Maps Based Spot Survey & Data + Photo upload on the app.(In Pune Only) Earn 15,000 Rs. P. M.

Indian Classic Video Stories

Source language(s): English

Target language(s): French, Italian, German, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, Russian, Hebrew, Vietnamese, Malay, Korean, Hindi, Gujarati, Malayalam, Oriya, Telugu, Tamil, Punjabi, Portuguese, Spanish

WANTED professional, skilled and experienced Translators, animators and

voice artists to join in our huge project of Animated Ancient Indian

Stories of Wisdom - on percentage partnership basis.

We need a Team of 10 of such professionals per language for a quick

turnout and publications.

Those who may be interested in the publication rights and financing the

project in any particular language are also welcome.

We have already launched this project in Hindi.

Special requirements to the applicants: CV / Resume and endorsements ( if any) must be attached.

Samples are available on the YouTube.

Just look up the stories like Panchatantra and Hitopadesh there. Aesop's fables and Arabian nights etc. are also the easy parallels..

Who can apply: Freelancers and agencies


Translation & Singing with Music for Religious Hymns (From English) with Universal application.

These are basically derived from Indian Classical Literature written in poetic form and generally praise God and his blessings. They are very devotional in nature and without any prior-existing copyrights.

(They can be easily adopted for any kind of religious community and in Musical Form, be very appealing to the congregation)

Ashok Patwardhan's Agency, Pune, Maharashtra, India has been in the business of I. T. services including Translation, Voice-Over, Dubbing, Sub-Titles, Transcription and Data Entry since 2009.

It has an excellent record as a good and honest paymaster.

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