Germinator Statement


Joanna Goddard

What is important is not the durability of the piece, but the image of it which people keep in their hearts – Ryoji Koei, Japan, 1971

Germinator is Joanna’s first large scale artwork made for a business environment. By consulting with the client, she ensured the design fitted the existing foyer at BLB Surveyors Brighton offices.

The artwork received funding from Southern & South East Arts and Jo was also helped by the staff at BLB who provided technical advice on the armature layout.


Jo likes her artwork to be tactile, drawing inspiration from forms found in plants and microbiology. She is intrigued by the way that plants multiply, visiting the Millennium Seed Bank at Wakehurst Place to sketch and research the Germinator. The work also echoes the curvaceous shape of the Brighton Pavilion, which is close to the offices of BLB.

Technique & Materials:

Combining a number of simple bulbous forms, Jo made large plaster moulds. Using clay combined with shredded office paper, casts were taken from this mould then decorated with ceramic body stains. The fired works were arranged on a stainless steel armature.

Armature by Mr Miles of The Forge, High Street, Henfield. Artwork installed by Mr L R Goddard.