The Germinator

Description & Inspiration:

Artwork was installed in the reception of BLB Surveyors Brighton office. The artwork was designed to fit in the stairwell area - a stainless steel armature was custom made and the ceramic "capsules" slotted into place. I was inspired by the shape of the Brighton Pavilion and the textures of sweets such as marshmallows and iced gems. The artwork was funded by South East & Southern Arts. Click here to view a more detailed statement about the work.

Materials, Size & Date:

Handbuilt Paperclay; made by combining shredded office paper with earthenware clay fired at 1100°c, decorated with commerical colours & ceramic body stains.

Each pod is approx. 30cm long, 25cm wide and the entire sculpture is 2.5m high, 1m wide, 50cm deep.