Commissions and Outdoor Works

New Work in Woodlands

Knowlands Wood Art Installation

Three new works made for a temporary exhibition in woodland near Lewes, Sussex, April 2010. The works were made after reading the poem Goblin Market poem by Christina Rosetti and visiting the woodland. Many thanks to Mr & Mrs Lear for allowing the show.

Ceramic Spikes with glazed platinum tips

Hands made with clay dug from the lakeside at Knowlands Farm

Hands - detail

Ceramic Spikes by the stream.

Goblin Market, Procession

This artwork was designed to wrap around a tree. The sections are unlike normal pottery in that they look inflatable and appear soft to the touch.

Cast earthenware ring in 9 sections with bronze glazed insert, work approx 1m wide.

Outdoor Sculpture Shows

Swarm of Desire - The Fauns:

This set of outdoor work is part of the Swarm of Desire Series and was made for The Puthall Park Sculpture Show in 2007.

Slipcast & hand built Earthenware, gold lustre, body stain, weatherproof paint. Approx 34cm wide, 60cm long mounted on rustproof wire, all work is tested frost proof.

X Chain :

This set of outdoor work was installed by the lake in the Harold Hillier Garden and Arboretum, Hampshire in 2002


Salisbury Manor Park Hospital Tile Installation

Commission for NHS Wiltshire for Manor Park Hospital, Salisbury. Permanent installation of 3 panels of tactile tiles for the outdoor courtyard at their Mental Health Unit. Project organised by Impact Arts. Each Panel is approx 2m long, 35cm high. Press moulded Crank, commercial body stains. Installed Sept 2003.