Joacim Eldre

Hello, I'm Joacim

I currently work as a graphic designer

I like food, video games, music, books and any type of design

I have an obsession for the pen tool, plants, technology and video games

Stylized self portrait

I've made

I've learned

  • Vector and pixel art (Adobe, Affinity)

  • Troubleshooting (IT)

  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript, UI

  • Project management, ITSM, ITIL

I've experienced

  • Customer service (IT) ~ 8 years

  • Development and Operations (IT) ~ 3 years

  • Designing for clients (hobbyist) ~ 4 years

  • Graphic Design ~ 1 year

I make

Logos, illustration, branding, probably something I haven't thought of

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