Johnson County Team is Nationals Bound

Post date: Mar 25, 2013 12:52:32 AM

Congratulations to our Daisy National Team that traveled west to Holton early Saturday morning to represent our club in the Kansas State Rifle Association match. The KSRA is a Daisy National Match qualifier that is shot team style and contains a written test worth 100 points. The top 3 teams from this event earn a invitation to compete at the National match held in Rogers Arkansas along with receiving $500 prize money! This was a very competitive match with clubs from all over the state competing to earn one of these top three spots.

Well their long hours of practicing and studying literally paid off. Johnson County took 3rd place with a score on 2257! We took 3rd after winning a tie with Wyandotte County. This proves the fact that every shot and test question counts. If anyone had missed another test question or jerked a single shot we would have not made the cut. Wichita 1st, Jefferson 2nd, Johnson 3rd.

Everyone of our shooters did a great job and made us proud. For some it was their day to shine and deliver the high numbers and for others it was a test in perseverance and self control by demonstrating that you cant give up after a disappointing shot and that you have to put it behind you and keep on competing. Perseverance and self control is what will make you a winner match after match.

I noted some exceptional scores in green that I thought just jumped out.

Everyone tested above 90% but we had 4 score 98% and this was a tough test.

1st year shooter Irene B. sure took care of business yesterday in Prone and Standing.

Ethan E. was strong and consistent in all events and shot a 366 overall.

Justine W. smoked it in the Standing position, didn't anyone tell her that this is supposed to be the most difficult position?

A little history; Last year at American Legion our team score was 2,182 then at Daisy Nationals a 2,239 and yesterday 2,257.