Intro Comp Tech

Master the increasing technological skills required at school and your future career. Dazzle teachers with assignments done using all the bells and whistles of your Google Drive apps, including: documents, presentations, forms, drawings, spreadsheets, blogs and sites. Troubleshoot the most common issues with hardware, peripherals and file management. Explore the top programming languages that can guarantee an exciting career in one of the largest job markets projected for the near future.Bring your art and ideas to life on the web with popular image and animation formats. Easily design and build your very own web or smartphone app! This course is designed for both the beginner and intermediate tech user.

Use Chrome or Firefox

Week 1

LCHS LOGIN (example: 24sjacobson PW= 123s22J456)

  1. Review Basic Parts

  2. Review Buttons and Ports

  3. Review Inside a computer

  4. Take the Schoology Quiz


CHOOSE: Weakest Link or Targeted Attack and successfully complete as many missions as possible. Then


CHOOSE: CYBERCHALLENGE or CYBER-SECURITY LAB and successfully complete as many missions as possible. Then


For the next 6 activities you'll be doing Google mini-projects based on their most popular apps


E-portfolios provide a rich resource for students, faculty, and employers to learn about your interests and achievements. It is the current and best way of showcasing who you are and who you are becoming.

Using Google Sites (NEW, NOT the Classic) Create and SUBMIT a 5+ page digital portfolio with:

  • original/personal/local graphics, color themed/coordinated

  • advanced features e.g. photo gallery, embed videos & maps

  • Each page (5) has a different topic e.g. awards, jobs, hobbies, sports, personal projects, community involvement, independent studies, favorite musicians/teams/games...

  • When ready to SUBMIT, first PUBLISH (name with your student account e.g. 24jsmith), then VIEW, then copy site address link into Schoology.




  • Create a 200+ word document detailing key life events of your Hero or Villain Original Character.

  • Screenshot and crop a character graphic using one of these sources [Maker 1] [Maker 2] [Maker 3] [Maker 4] or do your own in Paint or take a selfie and photo-shop. COPY/PASTE into the top of your Google Doc.

  • SHARE with edit privileges to another trusted person with a Google account for them to REMOTELY add a COMMENT at the bottom of your document in another color.

  • SUBMIT share link through Schoology.


Create a GOOGLE SLIDES that teaches someone something, e.g. your hobby, seahorse facts, go-cart fundamentals...

  • Must be at least 10 slides, original, not too simple, include multiple graphics/screenshots, 1 LESSON TITLE slide with your name, 8 informational slides, 1 ending slide with the words "TAKE QUIZ" done in "WORD ART" . Use slide animations and transitions. Embed a video if appropriate.

  • SUBMIT share link through Schoology.

NO lame typical lessons like : How to make Cup-O-Noodles, Make a peanut butter sammy, Make your bed, Facts about you

EXAMPLES: Investigating , Tennis

Now, create an 8 question QUIZ over your previous slides and pick a matching theme and top graphic.

  • Click on the SETTING (gear icon) and choose the QUIZZES TAB and activate 'Make This A Quiz" so you can choose the correct answers and assign points for auto-grading and mark "required". When done, click the SEND button, choose the link🔗 tab and COPY.

  • Now, go open your previous SLIDE Lesson (Slide #10), select the words "TAKE QUIZ", click on the insert LINK icon and PASTE-APPLY.

  • SUBMIT share link through Schoology.

NO questions requiring knowing slide number references, steps, or order

>>> Jacobson EXPLAINER VIDEO <<<

Create ONE original trading/collectible/customizable style card, using Google Drawing in a style similar to Magic, Pokemon, Digimon, Yu-Gi-Oh! ...

  • Graphic GENERATOR if you don't draw

  • Download as an SVG format .

  • Rename this file with your student account, i.e. 20FI_LastName.SVG

  • SUBMIT through Schoology using the UPLOAD File picker icon TAB

Examples (better than a rubric :) ONE : TWO : THREE

Google Drawing

>>> Jacobson EXPLAINER VIDEO <<<

Follow THIS VIDEO TUTORIAL OR THIS WEB TUTORIAL and then complete an ORIGINAL sheet that demonstrates FORMATTING & FORMULAS (SUM & PRODUCT), e.g. monthly budget?

  • At least 4 columns x 10 rows

  • SUBMIT SHARE LINK through Schoology (CREATE TAB)

Google Sheets

HTML PRETEST in Schoology

Week 8/9 Create 3 Animated Gifs using PISKELapp

>>> Jacobson EXPLAINER VIDEO <<<


  2. Create 3 quality 20+ frame (multi-layer) animations to include in your upcoming website hack.

  3. Simple 90° rotations, translations and patterns don’t count.

  4. EXPORT as GIF, scale 3x, DOWNLOAD

  5. SUBMIT through Schoology using the UPLOAD File picker icon TAB

EX1 : EX2 : Caleb S | Riley S | Zane K


PiskelApp GIFS

Quarter Ends

Week 10 LOGO with, Photopea,, Sumo or Aggie

>>> Jacobson EXPLAINER VIDEO <<<

Create an original logo/banner "logo.png" that demonstrates your command of

  • Transparency (checkerboard)

  • Layers

  • Imported graphics

  • Filters/Effects

  • SUBMIT through Schoology using the UPLOAD File picker icon TAB

PAINT.NET is already installed on the computers!


Week 11 Hack THIS with the default text editor

>>> Jacobson EXPLAINER VIDEO <<<


HTML POST-TEST in Schoology

Week 12 Visual PROGRAMMING

"Programming is the process of creating a set of instructions that tell a computer how to perform a task. Programming can be done using a variety of computer programming languages, such as JavaScript, Python, and C++"

CHOOSE 1 of the following, get as far as you can and SUBMIT incontrovertible proof of your progress (full screenshot of progress page).

Week 13 Make a game w/GDEVELOP 5!

  • Choose one of the available STARTER TEMPLATES and make it your own by replacing graphics with the built-in LIBRARY options!




Week 14 Make a game w/Construct 3!

  • CREATE AN ACCOUNT to access exporting and advanced features and INSTALL AS APP so you can use OFFLINE!

  • Choose one of the TEMPLATES to make your own by replacing graphics and sound effects!


Sprite Generator or HERE : FREE ASSETS : FREE MUSIC

Week 15/16 Make a web app with FUSION!

Using the famous "Five Nights at Freddy's" engine

  • play each mini-game

  • make notes of needed improvements

  • download each of the 3 MFA files , open in Fusion and MODIFY!
    Change theme, replace all graphics, add
    music & sound, implement improvements!

Whack-a-mole PLAY : FILE

damage to ‘hammer’ ends game? if no hit ‘mole’ lose points?

Flappy Thing PLAY : FILE

wider walls? closer gaps? bomb pickups? run and jump?

Tower Defense PLAY : FILE

faster waves? less damage? more units? worst enemy shoots back?

FOR BONUS, EXPORT to folder then HOST (create account) on Netlify or (zipped)

To update Netlify files go to DEPLOY tab


Games made with FUSIONDOWNLOAD for HOME useTutorials by Almighty Zen TacoCrash Course by Jacobson

Week 17 Create 3D Models

Create 3 different 3D objects using your choice of the following:

  1. Must include mesh modifications, coloring, detail, and be recognizable. NO abstracts or simple snowmen, ice cream cones, etc.

  2. SUBMIT through Schoology using the UPLOAD File picker icon TAB