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To be a valuable team member it is essential to be familiar with the various skills involved in a game project. You will likely prefer to be only a writer, artist, designer, promoter, producer or musician, but to have effective communication within your team requires an elementary knowledge and appreciation of all skill sets. So, you will be exposed to a variety of lessons designed to familiarize you with these various game project duties.

WEEK 1 Digital Citizenship

Sorry people. You were probably hoping to get right into game design but in order to meet graduation requirements, we have to review Digital Citizenship. But, we'll do it in a gameplay way using Interland OR SafeOnlineSurfing!


  • Interland : Must complete all 4 areas with a combined score of 1200 or greater and provide the teacher a FULL SCREEN SCREENSHOT as seen in the graphic. Don't worry about "Tower of Treasure" display errors.

    To get to the 4 Area screen >> 1) Complete ALL 4 areas 2) Click on your avatar in the upper right 3) Click on EXPLORE LEARNINGS button

  • SafeOnlineSurfing : Complete ALL 7 areas and then provide the teacher a FULL SCREEN SCREENSHOT of the checked off end map.

Week 1 Game Pitch Prototyping

Come up with an original game idea and present it in your choice of promotional pitch formats and submit through Schoology via the CREATE or UPLOAD tabs.

Need inspiration?

Submission formats:

    • This FORM (Make a COPY) send SHARE link

    • Scan or take a pic of a hand written document and attach file

    • Google SLIDES

    • Record an audio or video

Week 2 Make a CYOA with Inklewriter

Make an original, illustrated, quality Choose Your Own Adventure using INKLEWRITER.

  • Create an account to SAVE!

  • The tutorial is built into the editor and creating a free account allows you to save in the cloud and send share links.

  • For BEST grade: 15+ narrative blocks, 2-3 alternate endings, 5+ relevant (borrowed, sketched, photos) graphics.

  • Images should be hosted on Imgur. Create an account. Get DIRECT link >> e.g. https://... ...jpg/png

  • SUBMIT the Inkle SHARE link through Schoology via the CREATE TAB

Students: Michael H,

PRO Examples

Week 3 Make a CYOA with Twine

Make an original, illustrated, quality Choose Your Own Adventure using Twine.

  • For BEST grade:
    15+ narrative blocks (~20-100 words each)
    2-3 alternate endings (each with a graphic)
    5+ relevant graphics (right click-copy image address or copy image location)

  • Example text choice link code:
    [[Words they click on]]

    [[Words they click on->paragraph name]]

  • Example Image code:
    <img src="" width="300">

  • SUBMIT the TWINE PUBLISHED FILE (bottom left triangle) through Schoology via the ADD FILE ICON.


PRO Example

Week 4-5 Make an RPG with RPG Playground or RPGBoss

RPG Playground [Web/Chromebook]

>>> Jacobson EXPLAINER VIDEO <<<

  1. Create an account and click the email activation
    (might have to look in SPAM)

  2. Watch Intro tutorial then build your level using advanced conversations/quests, well designed multiple levels (door/warps), enemy fights, etc.

  3. PLEASE FOLLOW THE CHANNEL to enable more features sooner!

  4. Check Publish, Save game, copy the share link and SUBMIT through Schoology (CREATE).

  5. More tutorials can be found HERE.

WE GOT A SHOUT OUT for getting them to 800 subs!

EXAMPLES: Mr Severson BONUS! : Little Adventure : Massacre : Dungeon Fighter


RPG Playground

Week 6 Make Game Music

>>> Jacobson EXPLAINER VIDEO <<<

  1. Using Chrome Song Maker create 3 original 30 -60 second music tracks for your upcoming games (go into settings and set LENGTH to 16 bars). Themes: Intro, boss, win, adventure, pastoral, etc.

  2. Download (SAVE) each as WAV to use in your upcoming game later.

  3. COPY each of the 3 music links to a document

  4. Submit the 3 links or document SHARE link through Schoology Submission CREATE tab.



Chrome Music.mp4

  • Create an account

  • Find a JAM that has browser playable entries

  • PLAY and COMMENT on 6 indie games

  • Create a collage of your game thumbnails and comment snips in a Google Doc and SHARE


Week 7-8 Make 3 Sprite Collections

>>> Jacobson EXPLAINER VIDEO <<<

Using Piskelapp, create 3 sprite collections (~20 sprites total) for your upcoming game (made in Fusion & Gdevelop).

  • CREATE an account to SAVE your work.

  • Collection 1 : Create a main character with walking cycle (Left,Together,Right) plus any other needed poses (Quality > Quantity)

  • Collection 2: Other characters/creatures (6+ sprites, Quality > Quantity )

  • Collection 3: Items, environmental pieces, wall blocks, bushes, etc. (9+ sprites, Quality > Quantity )

  • Save each to your gallery, make each PUBLIC. SEND me your gallery link (Schoology create 2nd tab) OR EXPORT/DOWNLOAD/SUBMIT ALL 3 collections as PNG sheets (Schoology 1st Upload tab)

EXPORT >> PNG >> 2x or 3x >> DOWNLOAD
TEMPLATE || Student examples: Caleb S | Riley S | Zane K Tutorial Series
Sprite Generator
Piskelapp sheets

Week 9-12 Make a game with FUSION

  • Follow these tutorials and make a game using your previously made sprite sheets and music.
    Instructor Tutorials: Series 1 Series 2

    HERE is the 3-Template with NEW and improved ZELDA and Platformer updates!!!
    Template Tutorial
    Pick one and delete the other 2. Replace the graphics and sounds with your own and completely redecorate adding extra functionality too! :)

  • BONUS! HOST your game on or netlify
    Must BUILD & ZIP

100's of examples: NIVRAM's


Week 13-14 Make a game with GDEVELOP 5!

My hope is that this will be a Fusion contender soon. I am personally working on several projects and conversions using GDevelop so that I can master it ASAP.

  • DOWNLOAD , install and launch

  • Use a TUTORIAL OR STARTER . Use the graphics with those from the previous Piskel Sprite assignment (or use the BUILT-IN Piskel option to create from scratch or the GDev Library), completely redecorate, add new music and sound effects. Don't forget to SAVE.

  • After 7 hours of your best creative efforts, SUBMIT the PLAY LINK

Tutorials: The Gem Dev, Astranoronic, Sparckman, Wishforge

Week 15-16 Create a detailed room or building using Blocksmith

  1. Open the app on the class computer from the C:\C11 folder. If it's not version 5.8.1

  2. SIGN UP and CREATE an account so you can SAVE your work

  3. Follow the built-in help-tutorial to learn how to navigate and build.

  4. Create a detailed room or building.

  5. SAVE and make public and share the gallery link with your teacher.


  • ADD animations and events

  • Test in VR

  • RESEARCH a top STEM occupation and then build a 3D/VR simulation with the theme “A day in the life of a STEM professional.”
    Examples: A professional streamer studio, a workshop, a lab,

Viewers: Android APK | Android Direct Download
iOS itunes Store

Week 17/18 YOUR CHOICE, but on your own!

Explore on your own one of the 3 following development apps!

a 2D/3D programming library to enjoy videogames programming with no fancy interface... just coding in the most pure spartan-programmers way. See games made with raylib See Examples WITH CODE
For this lesson you will 1) Pick a SAMPLE GAME 2) Get the code from GITHUB 3) MAKE IT YOURS with significant changes 4) Show the teacher!

An EASY and FREE alternative to Adobe Animate (Flash), the Wick Editor is a free, open-source tool for creating games, animations, and everything in-between! EXAMPLES!!! Tutorials 1 Tutorials 2 Tutorials 3

Use Cloud Novel to make a Visual Novel and SUBMIT SHARE LINK via Schoology CREATE tab. Tutorial. Helen's Doll House


Vet Game Design - Choice



  • Hubs is a VR chatroom designed for every headset and browser, but it is also an open source project that explores how communication in mixed reality can come to life. Step inside one of the virtual rooms or build one from the ground up. With Hubs, you can create a room with a single click.

  • Tutorial

Make a game with CONSTRUCT 3!

>>> Jacobson Explainer Video <<<

Using the graphics and music from previous lessons and sound effects from HERE,

  • CREATE AN ACCOUNT to access exporting and advanced features

  • INSTALL AS APP so you can use OFFLINE!

  • Choose one of these tutorials and make it your own! Beginning Game Development : BY EXAMPLE

  • SAVE & SUBMIT .C3P file