Representation of

sentence meaning

A JNLE Special Issue


We are seeking long research papers, survey papers and position papers on any of the following or related topics:

  • Which properties of meaning representations are most desirable, universally.
  • Comparisons of types of meaning representations (e.g. fixed-size vs. variable-length) and methods for learning them.
  • Techniques of explorations of learned meaning representations.
  • Evaluation methodologies for meaning representations, including surveys thereof.
  • Extrinsic evaluation by relations to cognitive processes.
  • Relation between traditional symbolic meaning representations and the learned continuous ones.
  • Broad summaries of psycholinguistic evidence describing properties of meaning representation in the human brain.


  • Depending on paper type, we expect most submissions to be 12-20 pages long, longer submissions are also possible.
  • The papers do not need to be anonymized.



Guest Editors of the special issue:

  • OndÅ™ej Bojar (Charles University)
  • Raffaella Bernardi (University of Trento)
  • Holger Schwenk (Facebook AI Research)
  • Bonnie Webber (University of Edinburgh)