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Principal Investigator. Speaking of change: Teaching and learning civic voice in Morocco.

Principal Investigator. Teaching for critically engaged denizenship: From naïve notions of citizenship to an empowered other class.

Principal Investigator. Social education as state apparatus in countering violent extremism: An analysis of 16 years of education in Bureau of Counterterrorism annual reports.


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McCafferty-Wright, J. Cultural bombs and dangerous classes: Social studies education as state apparatus in the War on Terror.

McCafferty-Wright, J. Teaching for critically engaged denizenship: Lessons from Morocco on naïve notions of US citizenship and an empowered other civic status.


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McCafferty-Wright, J. (2019). Speaking of change in Morocco. Missouri State University College of Education Blog Feature, Hough Post, and Inside Missouri State.

Interviewed. Mason, R. (2016). Bringing the world to the classroom: U.S. teachers abroad. HuffPost Education.

McCafferty-Wright, J. (2014). Five tips for teaching with critical popular media. Invited guest blog. International Research and Exchanges Board.

Interviewed. Rural Schools and Community Trust (2013). 2013 Global Teacher Fellows share experiences: We are all connected. Rural Policy Matters, 15(6).


Graduate Research Assistant, Antonio J. Castro, PhD, University of Missouri: College of Education, Social Studies Education. Designed and implemented research models for two projects related to civic engagement among preservice teachers and international civic education NGOs.

Graduate Assistant, Norma Jackson, JD, University of Missouri; College of Education, Office of Graduate Services and Initiatives. Coordinated workshops and programs for graduate students in the College of Education.

Research Assistant. Craig Palmer, PhD, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs; Anthropology Department. Designed and implemented research models; entered, coded, and analyzed data; researched the ethnographic record, prepared charts and co-authored presentations and publications.

Research Assistant, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs; Center for Educational Research. Prepared and presented assessment reports to human service organizations, proofread grant proposals, entered and analyzed data, and assessed and developed vocational skills for participants requiring a supported work environment.

Research Assistant, Linda K. Watts, PhD, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs; Anthropology Department. Transcribed narratives from indigenous peoples of the U.S.

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