Jennice McCafferty-Wright

Education for Critical Civic Engagement and Global Understanding

Missouri State University, College of Education

I teach the teachers. I also examine how the values and narratives we transmit through social studies education operate as apparatuses for both maintaining and disrupting cultural norms and relationships of power. I study these issues through two lines of inquiry: 1) education for civic engagement and global understanding and 2) social studies education in public diplomacy initiatives.

Throughout my career in education and academia, I've had the privilege of working with teachers and students in India, Morocco, and the United States. I regularly conduct ethnographic fieldwork in Morocco where I study youth civic engagement through teacher associations and NGOs.

I fund my international work and research through fellowships and grants that bring me into a network of public scholarship, diplomacy, and international relations. Since 2013, I have participated as a Teachers for Global Classrooms Fellow funded by the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, as a Boren Fellow with the National Security Education Program, and as a Global Teacher Fellow through the Rural Schools and Community Trust.

I have been an invited guest speaker for education NGOs, Moroccan teacher associations, the U.S. Department of State's Global Teaching Dialogue, and IREX’s Global Education Leadership Conference in Washington, D.C. My current projects include developing a virtual exchange for new and future teachers in Missouri and Morocco and a comparative study of the cultural narratives in TESOL curriculum. I hope to continue having the ear of policy makers as an advocate of teaching for global understanding and ethical civic engagement.

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Twitter: @JenniceMWright