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"Jason and Lynda were so fantastic to deal with. They are both professional, knowledgeable and friendly. They answered all of my questions promptly and with more detail than I expected. I felt confident in the solutions they recommended for myself and my family. I will definitely be working with them on an ongoing basis. Thanks so much to you both. "



We believe that being a financial broker is in many ways like being a doctor. Some doctors see a symptom and offer a prescription, but others dig deeper better understand the person, their lifestyle and their goals. The same applied to money and building a wealth plan.

Every client we sit with is unique in their goals and dreams and this is where we start. This allows us to build a long term sustainable wealth plan that will support a families needs for the long run, and sometimes generations. 

We support our clients in all areas of finance including: savings, debt management, insurance, retirement, & estate planning. Each piece of the plan is designed to fit together perfectly.

As Financial Brokers, we have access to over 70 different companies accross the industry. Let us do the work to find the best solutions for you.

Lastly, as brokers, we are compensated by our product partners, meaning our service and the financial education we provide to our clients is always COMPLIMENTARY.

What's The Process?

Gather Information

Identify your goals and dreams 

Analyze cashflow 

Create a Customized Plan

Financial Independence Number 

Side by Side Comparisons

Find the Best Companies 

Work with one or more of our 60+ Financial Companies 

Monthly/Yearly Action Plan and Reviews  

  " I cannot sing the praise of Jason and Lynda enough! We started out working exclusively with Jason when my husband and I were struggling to save up for a home. He made the process extremely comfortable and easy. With his help we had saved up enough for a down payment within a year... They came up with a plan that was easy for us to handle... The changes we have made are making our best lives possible and I credit this 100% to their dedicated work. The only advice I can give is to meet with them and find out for yourself. It has certainly been one of the best decisions our family has made..."

                             ~ Jenny & James 

"We are so glad to have Jason & Lynda as part of our circle when it comes to managing our money. If it wasn't for them helping us start savings 2.5 years ago, we wouldn't be able to buy our house. They have been so great with all our questions and continue to help us make smart financial decisions. We started out having a very poor idea on saving money. Now we are set up to not only buy a house, but also have a good financial plan for the future. If anyone is ever looking for a great financial advising team... you cant go wrong with this duo!"

                         ~Nicole & Jonah