About Jacq

My name is Jacqueline, but please call me Jacq. I am an intuitive marketer, inspirational leader, and intentional DEI advocate with an indomitable spirit.  As Founder and Director of Marketing at The Indomitable Group LLC I LOVE what I do! 

As a Marketing leader, mentor,  and collaborator, I strive to foster cultures that prioritize strategic marketing processes and practices that produce consistent growth through data-informed decision-making, optimization, and inclusivity. 

I am passionate about making an impact through my work and have devoted the last 4 years of my career to helping mission-driven, Black and Brown, woman-owned brands scale their growth marketing efforts. Read the Boston While Black Impact Report for an example of the brands I work with, my writing style, and the impact I've helped create!

Marketing Technology & AI Transformation

My professional journey is a thrilling exploration of the dynamic realms of Marketing Technology (MarTech) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). What began as a serendipitous encounter with AI eight years ago, long before I fully comprehended their potential, has evolved into an unshakable passion for harnessing the transformative power of technology in the world of marketing. In 2017, I made a deliberate choice to delve into the technical side of marketing, embarking on a quest to unlock its full potential and I haven't looked back. In my marketing career subsequently, I've leveraged and expanded my knowledge of different coding languages, software, and API technology to enhance marketing strategies in various roles across marketing and digital transformation.

At its core, my journey is driven by a profound belief in the marriage of innovation, efficiency, and growth. Through my experiences and expertise, I've cultivated a unique perspective on digital transformation and AI integration in business. These technologies are not mere buzzwords; they are the catalysts that empower us to reimagine, adapt, and thrive in an increasingly tech-driven world. My commitment is to craft and execute comprehensive digital strategies that leverage the extraordinary capabilities of MarTech and AI to drive meaningful and lasting change in every facet of business but most explicitly in marketing. Together, let's explore the exciting possibilities at the intersection of marketing, technology, and artificial intelligence.

Discovering the Power of SQL for Data-Driven Marketing

Discovering the Power of SQL for Data-Driven Marketing 


AI-Enhanced Personalization Using JavaScript

AI-Enhanced Personalization Using JavaScript


Leveraging Python & APIs for Contract Management Integration

Leveraging Python & APIs for Contract Management Integration


Digital Transformation Guidebook

Digital transformation is a dynamic journey that empowers businesses to reimagine, adapt, and thrive in today's technology-driven world. It's a holistic process that involves seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technologies, innovative strategies, and a forward-thinking mindset to revolutionize how businesses operate and deliver value to their customers.

I believe that digital transformation goes beyond adopting new tools—it entails a profound mindset shift that embraces innovation, efficiency, and growth. My expertise lies in crafting and executing a comprehensive digital transformation strategy that leverages the full potential of technology to create meaningful and lasting change across all aspects of your business. We do Digital Transformation HER way, ensuring your journey to success is marked by innovation, empowerment, and strategic evolution.

Inbound Marketing Methodology

As a growth marketer I champion the Inbound Marketing methodology developed by HubSpot.  Meaning, I know that in order to grow, your business efforts should be focused on attracting strangers, engaging leads, and delighting customers your prospects and customers. As you will likely gather from the content below, my skillset is crosses many specialties within the field of digital marketing but as an Inbound Marketer, I know individually, these practices can only take you so far, but together,  under a strong strategy and proper execution, your business growth knows no bounds.  From email marketing, to Social Media, from Search Engine Marketing to Content Creation, the goal is to combine these channels to form a full-funnel marketing approach that asserts your business as the trusted expert in your field.

Buyer's Journey Content Mapping

The buyer's journey is the process buyers go through to become aware of, consider and evaluate, and decide to purchase a new product or service.

The journey consists of a three-step process:

The graphic below illustrates a sample buyer's journey for the simple purchasing decision of a doctor visit during an illness.

Persona: Student Affairs | Campaign: COVID-19 Support


Realized symptoms of problem or potential opportunity

Content: (white paper) Top 5 Ways Student Affairs can

Support Students: Getting

Through Summer and Fall 2020

Channels: LinkedIn Ads, Email

Audience: Student Affairs Administrators in US and Canada


New leads: Submit form in exchange for white paper

Re-engage dormant contacts: download white paper from email.


Defined problem or opportunity, considering possible answers.

Content: (Webinar) The Impact of Emergency Distance Learning on Student, In Their Own Words

Channels: Email, LinkedIn

Audience: Everyone who downloaded the white paper, and entire SA database, Look-a-like audience on social media


Nurture leads into MQLs.

 Establish Ex Libris as industry experts 

Introduce a possible solution to the problem.


Decided on solution strategy, method or approach, ready to transfer to sales.

Content: 5-Min campusM Demo Video

Channel: Email

Audience: Existing database, Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs),


Nurture MQLs into SQLs (sales qualified leads).

Provide proof of Ex Libris’ ability to solve their particular problem.

Marketing Channel Work Samples 

(updated 2018/2019)

Google Tag Manager

This is a screenshot of our GTM account. I've placed many pixels on KelbyOne for MarTech vendors like AdRoll and also used GTM to implement cross domain tracking for Photoshop World. This enabled us to have better attribution and tracking for our event listed on EventBrite.

Click image to view entire email.

I wrote this email following my idea to reach out to contest entrants that did not win the contest with a promotional email. It was a difficult undertaking that took a bit of word-smithing. It proved successful boosting our sale numbers 20% over the goal. Our email marketer laid out the email using ActiveCampaigns which I have medium level experience with. I did not create the image but it is within my realm of design ability.

Facebook Ads

This is a screen shot of a lead generation ad. I proposed the inbound marketing/lead gen strategy that we are currently using. This is just one example of how we're promoting our free offerings. I created all of the ad copy, created the form and linked it to our CMS/Email platform (Active Campaigns).

Google Ads

This is a screenshot of our brand campaign. I took our 3 strongest trademark terms and made individual ad groups for each term and keyword modifiers. This enables me to optimize for the lowest CPA and highest ROI. I mention in my resume how I was able to lower our CPA about 50% with this campaign.

Click to view entire page.

This is a peak into the strategy and ad creation process I use. I don't create the graphics  but as the media buyer I take responsibility for strategy and copy on all display ads.


I created this spreadsheet for our instructors page since I noticed many of our instructors have a following we were not capitalizing on. There was no meta data or SEO work on the site prior. Since then we've added title tags, descriptions, and more to our main marketing web pages and we've seen a significant increase in our organic traffic (reviewed via Google Analytics.)