Jiqun Liu, Ph.D. 刘济群

I am an Assistant Professor of Data Science at SLIS, the University of Oklahoma.

My research focuses on the intersection of human-computer interaction (HCI), interactive information seeking/retrieval, and computational economics, and seeks to apply the knowledge learned from people interacting with information in search recommendation, user education and intelligent nudging.

My recent studies/projects include: 1) Behavioral Economics + Information Retrieval + Machine Learning: investigating the impacts of users' systematic cognitive biases on their search decision-making and evaluations of information seeking/search episodes; 2) State-aware Task Support System: identifying the states of complex tasks that contextualize human-information interaction and applying the knowledge about states in developing and evaluating adaptive system recommendations.

I received my PhD in Information Science from School of Communication and Information, Rutgers University. I hold an M.S. in Information Science from Peking University (2016), and double B.A. in Library Science and Finance from Nankai University (2014). My recent CV is available here.

** Announcement:

I am looking for self-motivated students to work with me. Research opportunities are available at both undergraduate and graduate levels. If you are interested in working with me, feel free to email me with your CV and a brief description of your previous research experiences & current research interests.

Email: jiqunliu [at] ou [dot] edu

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Recent Updates from Jiqun:

  • Full paper "Investigating Reference Dependence Effects on User Search Interaction and Satisfaction - A Behavioral Economics Perspective" accepted by SIGIR2020 (Xi'an, China)!

  • Full paper " Identifying and Predicting the States of Complex Search Tasks" accepted by CHIIR 2020 (Vancouver, Canada)!

  • Full paper " Proactive identification of query failure" won Best Long Paper Award (student) at ASIS&T AM 19! [Paper] [Slides]

  • Journal paper: Shawon Sarkar (Rutgers iSchool), Matthew Mitsui (Rutgers iSchool), myself, and Chirag Shah (Univ. Washington at Seattle) had a new research paper "Implicit information needs as explicit problems, help, and behavioral signals" accepted by Information Processing and Management! [paper available online]

  • February 19, 2019 - Journal Paper: My research paper, "Exploring the immediate and short-term effects of peer advice and cognitive authority on Web search behavior", was accepted by Information Processing & Management!


  • July 25-30, 2020, Virtual Event, China - SIGIR 2020

  • March 14-18, 2020, Vancouver, Canada - CHIIR 2020

  • October 19-23, 2019: Melbourne, Australia - ASIS&T AM 2019

  • September 24-26, 2019: Knoxville, TN - ALISE 2019

  • July 21-25, 2019: Paris, France - SIGIR 2019

  • March 31-April 3, 2019: Washington, DC - iConference 2019

  • March 10-14, 2019: Glasgow, UK - CHIIR 2019

  • January 2019: Tianjin, China - invited research talk @ Nankai University

  • January 2019: Beijing, China - invited research talk @ Renmin University of China

  • January 2019: Beijing, China - invited research talk @ Peking University

  • December 2018: Nanjing, China - invited research talk @ Nanjing University

  • July 2018: Ann Arbor, MI - SIGIR 2018

  • March 2018: New Brunswick, NJ - CHIIR 2018

  • October 2017: Washington, DC - ASIS&T AM 2017

  • March 2017: Oslo, Norway - CHIIR 2017

  • October 2016: Copenhagen, Denmark - ASIS&T AM 2016