Jing WU 吴璟


Working Papers

  • "Understanding the Risk of China’s Local Government Debts and Its Linkage with Property Markets," with Brent Ambrose, Yongheng Deng and Hao Li. (R&R at Management Science)
  • "A New Data Source for House Price Index: The Case of China," with Xiaodan Wang and Keyang Li. (R&R at Journal of Housing Economics)
  • "Unintended Consequences of Demand-side Housing Policies: Evidence from Capital Reallocation," with Wenlan Qian, Hong Tu and Weibiao Xu. (under review)
  • "Spatial Misallocation in Chinese Housing and Land Markets", with Yongheng Deng, Yang Tang and Ping Wang. (under review)
  • "Estimating the Unofficial Income of Officials from Housing Purchases: The Case of China," with Yongheng Deng and Shang-jin Wei. (under review)
  • “Road Rationing Policies and Housing Markets,” with Panle Jia Barwick, Rhiannon Jerch and Shangjun Li. (under review)
  • “The Impact of Fertility Relaxation on Female Labor Market Outcomes,” with Sumit Agarwal, Keyang Li and Yu Qin. (under review)
  • "Estimating the Leverage Condition of China’s Urban Households: Evidence from the Housing Sector," with Hao Li and Mandi Xu. (under review)