JINA-CEE @ MSU Seminars

Lunchtime Research Seminars

These are seminars held at MSU for a wide scientific audience ranging from undergrads to faculty, and from Astrophysics to Physics-Astronomy.

1400 Bio Physical Science Building

Scheduled Mondays at 12:30pm

Fall 2018/Spring 2019

Upcoming Seminars:

01/14/2019 Dennis Muecher, University of Guelph

02/11/2019 Jose L. Tain, University of Valencia

03/11/2019 TBD

04/08/2019 TBD

Past Seminars:

09/10/2018 Ian Roederer, University of Michigan

Observations of r-process elements in low-metallicity halo stars


10/08/2018 Christopher Fryer, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Neutron Stars and their Interaction with Stellar Companions: Thorne-Zytkow Objects or Gamma-Ray Burst Progenitor?


11/12/2018 Michael Febbraro, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Neutron detectors and astrophysical applications


12/10/2018 James Lattimer, Stonybrook University

The history of the r-process


Science Cafe

1400 Bio Physical Science Building

Scheduled Mondays at 1pm

Fall 2018/Spring 2019

10/22/2018 William Lynch and Ryan Connolly (MSU), discussing

"Signatures of exotic matter in the deep neutron star crust” and “Crust-core transition in neutron stars”, respectively

11/5/2018 Sara Ayoub and Adam Jacobs (MSU), discussing

Type I X-ray Bursts: Experimental Methods and Astrophysical Modeling, respectively

12/3/2018 MacKenzie Warren and Rachel Titus (MSU), discussing

Astrophysical Modeling of Supernovae, and Electron-captures on nuclei near N=50 , respectively

1/28/2019 TBD

2/25/2019 TBD

3/25/2019 TBD

4/22/2019 TBD