Jiaqi (Adam) Huang

I am a first-year graduate student at Indiana University working at the Judgement and Decision Lab under the supervision of Jerome Busemeyer.

I am also affiliated to Causality in Cognition Lab at Stanford University working with Tobias Gerstenberg.

Research Interest

  • Understanding probability in cognition

  • Mental simulation models

  • Serial reproduction

  • Context effects in decision making



Joint Phd. in Cognitive Science at Indiana University 2021 -

Phd. in Psychological and Brain Science at Indiana University (Advisor: Jerome Busemeyer) 2021 -

BAs in Physics and Mathematics at Carleton College magna cum laude 2017-2021

Computer Science Off-campus study at AIT Budapest 2019Fall


Preprint Version:

Huang, J., Zhang, Q., Busemeyer, J. R., & Breithaupt, F. (2022). A Quantum Walk Model For Emotion Transmission In Serial Reproduction Of Narratives.

Huang, J., & Busemeyer, J. R. (2022). A quantum walk framework for multialternative decision making.

Huang, J., & Terrien, R. (2019, January). Using the I-band Sodium Doublet to Characterize M Dwarfs. In American Astronomical Society Meeting Abstracts# 233 (Vol. 233, pp. 259-31).

Senior Thesis