Mr. Wallace

10th Grade ELA/10th Grade Honors ELA

Mr. Wallace's Parent Information Site

I look forward to another great year, and am excited to meet your students. It is important to me that I work with parents to communicate what is happening in my classes. As part of this endeavor I am including general information here. More specific information will be communicated to students and parents through our Canvas page (if, as a parent, you would like to access the Canvas page see the link in the upper right corner).

For more information on me, please check the About Me page.

For information about my class policies and procedures, see my Disclosure page.

The following two calendars are meant to help parents and students understand upcoming activities in the school. The first is a calendar marking days of school. Notice the differentiation between A and B days, holidays, and end of quarter dates.

The second calendar is a Google Calendar that marks events at the school. Notice that it doesn't include holidays or other information included on the previous calendar. This one is focused on events unique to our school. Check back for updates. I also recommend following the school's social media sites for additional information. Follow JHS Student Body Officers on Twitter and Instagram.