Intelligent Digital Systems Lab

Welcome to IDS Lab !

Currently, I am actively seeking students at all levels for the following research topics:

  • High-performance system design for training deep neural networks
  • Light-weight machine learning algorithms for energy-efficient inference engines
  • Brain signal processing using embedded hardware for the diagnosis of Parkinson's disease
  • Energy-efficient hardware accelerator for scientific computing
  • Digital hardware for security/encryption
  • Power-aware/thermal-aware system design methodology

Please contact Prof. Kung if interested.


[2019.05.06] The paper titled “MixNet: An energy-scalable and computationally lightweight deep learning accelerator” is accepted to ISLPED 2019 @ EPFL, Switzerland. Congrats to Sangwoo Jung!

[2019.05.06] Our collaborated research paper with POSTECH titled "Similarity-based LSTM architecture for energy-efficient edge-level speech recognition" is accepted to ISLPED 2019 @ EPFL, Switzerland.

[2019.02.15] The paper titled “Peregrine: A flexible hardware accelerator for LSTM with limited synaptic connection patterns” is accepted to DAC 2019 @ Las Vegas, USA.