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COVID-19 House Rules for Level 1 of the National Lockdown

  1. Social distancing of at least 2 metres to be adhered to everywhere in the building.

  2. Two visitors per student are allowed between 7.00 and 24.00.

  3. Visitors must complete a health screening questionnaire and submit to a temperature check by Security every time upon entry of the building. Students scanning in a visitor must show their HIGHER HEALTH screening result of the day to Security.

  4. Sleepover visits are allowed. The normal procedures for booking a sleepover by completing a sleepover slip at the office during office hours prior to the visit, must be followed.

  5. Every student has to submit their Higher Health HEALTHCHECK on the internal website of the building on a daily basis. WhatsApp 0600 11 0000/USSD*134*832*2#

  6. The building is locked and only one entrance to be used. The curfew times are from 24.00 to 4.00 daily.

  7. Common facilities such as the study centre, games room and lounge will be re-opened to accommodate a limited number of users at any given time. Refer to the booking schedules for each venue to ensure fair usage of the facilities for everyone in the building. Social distancing rules and wearing of masks are mandatory in all common areas. Hand sanitising is mandatory upon entry of any common room.

  8. A limited number of people to be allowed in the laundry rooms.

  9. Only 2 people are allowed in an elevator at any given time.

  10. Masks to be worn in any shared room as well as outside rooms at all times.

  11. Access to parking areas strictly reserved for resident car owners only. Visitors must be signed in at the front desk and cannot enter the building via the parking areas.

  12. All residents must be on the building WhatsApp group for urgent messages to be sent to all residents. If your number changes, or you are not on the WhatsApp group, it is your responsibility to notify the Building /Student Life Manager.

  13. Students must take special care with regards to personal hygiene and cleanliness of rooms and all surfaces, especially shared surfaces.

  14. Students are allowed to enter the rooms of other students. No more than 3 people per room in total at any given time.

  15. Students to practice personal hygiene and ensure that basic hygiene protocols are observed. All shared facilities in kitchens and bathrooms to be meticulously cleaned before and after use.

  16. Students may leave the premises and re-enter the building subject to all COVID-19 safety protocols.