COVID-19 House Rules

COVID-19 House Rules

  1. Upon re-admission a 14-day self-quarantine is mandatory.
  2. Social distancing of at least 2.5 metres to be adhered to everywhere in the building.
  3. No visitors (or sleepovers) are allowed at any time.
  4. The building is locked down and only one entrance to be used.
  5. All common areas like the games rooms, lounges and study rooms will be closed. Access to the IT Lab will be limited to students who make use of the computers for online academic purposes only. Booking of computers for such purposes will be implemented in order to ensure fair access for all residents.
  6. A limited number of people to be allowed in the laundry rooms.
  7. Use of elevators will be prescribed in accordance with regulations regarding Health and Safety.
  8. Masks to be worn in any shared room/ unit as well as outside rooms at all times.
  9. Access to parking areas strictly reserved for resident car owners only. Parents are regrettably not allowed to accompany residents to their rooms.
  10. All residents must be on the building WhatsApp group for urgent messages to be sent to all residents. If your number changes, or you are not on the WhatsApp group, it is your responsibility to notify the Building /Student Life Manager
  11. Students must take special care with regards to personal hygiene and cleanliness of rooms and all surfaces, especially shared surfaces.
  12. Students to remain in their rooms, not enter the room of any other resident and not leave the building premises for any reason other than to attend to essential / urgent matters, such as buying food, or obtaining medicine or medical care. To leave for any other reasons, written evidence shall be required.
  13. Every student to sign the register at Security every time he/she enters or exits the building and agree to not leave the building for longer than 1 hour at a time.
  14. Students to practice personal hygiene and ensure that basic hygiene protocols are observed. All shared facilities in kitchens and bathrooms to be meticulously cleaned before and after use.
  15. When a student suspects symptom of infection or become aware that he/she was exposed to someone with COVID-19, it must immediately be reported to the Building Manager/ Student Life Manager.
  16. R500.00 fine will be payable immediately if any of the rules are contravened.

In the event of a student in the building having been in contact with the COVID-19 virus, or experiences symptoms of the COVID-19 virus.

It is absolutely essential that the Building Manager is notified immediately.

  • The Department of Health will be contacted immediately.
  • Student to be isolated immediately in an on-site isolation room.
  • Testing to be arranged immediately. Student to be transported to testing facility in a manner that does not put staff, fellow students or the public at risk. Students must have adequate funds to be transported to a testing facility.
  • While waiting for the test result, student will remain in the isolation room on site.
  • On receipt of a negative result, student can move back to his/her own room. On receipt of positive result, see protocol here below.
  • Students sharing the same unit/room will also be moved to an isolation room.
  • In the case of residents who have been in contact with the COVID-19 virus, even if no symptoms are present, isolation will be mandatory for 14 days from date that it was reported.

IMPORTANT: Students must ensure that they have enough food, cleaning material, bedding and medicine to be isolated for 14 days.

In the event of a student being tested positive for the COVID-19 virus:

  • It is absolutely essential that the Building Manager/Student Life Manager is notified immediately.
  • The Department of Health must be notified.
  • Next of kin must be notified, and arrangements made for the student to return home, if it is allowed in terms of the specific lock down level
  • Should it be impossible for a student to return home (in the case of international students, or students who do not have another home, or if lock down regulations prevent travel), students will be transferred to an off-site isolation facility.
  • These isolation measures can be amended by the Management from time to time and the student remain subject to these amended measures as well as any measures prescribed by the university where a student is registered.