Electrical Contractors For Your Business

Electrical contractors are trained in the installation, repair, and maintenance of electrical systems and equipment. These professionals work on various projects, ranging from small business electrical systems to large commercial and industrial electrical networks. An in-depth understanding of electrical theory and advanced skills in wiring and troubleshooting are required for electrical contracting to be successful.

JG Beacham Electrical is a recognized leader in the commercial and industrial electrical contracting industry, specializing in providing timely and affordable service. JG Beacham Electrical’s licensed and experienced electricians are capable as electrical contractors for your business operation, whether small, medium-sized retailer or office, or large commercial and industrial operation.

Regardless of the time of day, you can count on us to provide prompt, affordable, and dependable service that minimizes downtime and eliminates scheduling conflicts for your business. We can handle any electrical work you require, from basic repairs to emergency generator installations, office, and warehouse lighting, machinery and equipment hook-ups and repairs, new construction, build-outs, and remodeling electrical wiring.

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Electrical Contractors For Your Business: An Overview

Electrical contractors for your company provide services to two major industries: manufacturing and commercial.

Electrical contracting in the industrial and commercial sectors is not a one-size-fits-all profession. In the same way that a doctor is not “just a doctor,” electricians can specialize in various fields. Depending on their skillsets and expertise, electricians can work in industrial, commercial, or residential environments. Electricians repair, test, maintain and install electrical equipment while observing safety precautions and following the manufacturer’s specifications. However, where and to what extent you do it makes a difference.

The training and specializations of industrial and commercial electricians are distinct, as are the environments and applications they practice. A primary focus of JG Beacham Electrical is on industrial and electrical contracting to support your operations, whether you require complex high voltage installations or microcurrent repairs to be carried out.

The Difference Between Commercial And Industrial Electrical Contracting

Electrical Contracting

Electrical contractors for your business are responsible for the design, planning, installation, and maintenance of electrical systems and ensuring that these systems are effective and safe. Depending on their experience, electrical contractors may work with high-voltage power systems such as distribution lines and substations or low-voltage systems such as lighting, security systems, and telecommunications and wireless network infrastructure. They can work in various settings, including industrial facilities, commercial businesses, and private residences. Our electrical contracting department at JG Beacham Electrical is composed of electricians who are highly qualified and professional in their field.

Specialization of Industrial Contractors

Industrial electrical contractors, like commercial contractors, work in a business setting, focusing on non-residential applications, but their responsibilities differ from those of a commercial electrician. For example, their primary goal is to keep facilities such as plants, manufacturers, factories, and mines operational. However, their workplaces may also include agricultural, industrial, and construction sites and industries such as steel producers, electrical firms, and automobile manufacturers.

This job necessitates a thorough understanding of the complex systems and safety regulations that govern industrial work zones. Industrial electricians specialize in pneumatic, hydraulic, and operational machinery issues. In addition, electricians are frequently required to be skilled in robotics and specialized equipment.

Industrial contractors repair, wire, install and maintain devices, and perform safety checks in extensive facilities. Their primary responsibilities include:

  • Setting up electrical systems

  • Electrical equipment troubleshooting

  • Equipment restoration and upkeep

Industrial contractors can deal with problems ranging from high voltage systems to microcurrents. These parts of a facility’s machinery are critical to its operation. As a result, industrial electrician jobs require exceptional accuracy — as does commercial work. The difference is that electrical errors in a residential or commercial environment are often easily repaired. In contrast, industrial errors can be costly and impact a company’s information systems, production, and development.

Because industrial electricians deal with the various electricity and power requirements of large-scale factories, they must acquire a diverse skill set and be adaptable to various high-voltage systems. Because the level of specialized expertise required is much higher than that of a commercial contractor, industrial contractors frequently require a few years of apprenticeship training and additional certificates and qualifications before landing a professional contracting job.

Commercial Electrical Contractors’ Expertise

Commercial contractors primarily work in non-residential settings accessible to the general public. Retail stores, restaurants, high-rise buildings, offices, and other business spaces are examples of commercial spaces. They can also work in townships, government agencies, schools, and hospital systems.

A commercial electrician can work for a single company, which means they are an in-house professional available on-call for that company. For example, instead of hiring an outside contractor, a shopping mall, medical center, bank, or retailer may hire a full-time electrician. Some businesses, however, rely on outside contractors for electrical support. These contractors may provide both commercial and residential services.

Commercial electrical contractors are more common than industrial electricians, and they work on a broader range of projects. Commercial electrical contractors are well-versed in electrical tasks ranging from light fixture installation to large-scale repairs. Repairs and maintenance and designing and building electrical systems for specific workplaces are among their responsibilities.

Commercial electricians work with building owners, architects, and consulting specifiers during the design and construction phases. Commercial contractors, for example, handle jobs involving the selection of conduits of pipes and tubing structures required to meet electrical codes.

Commercial electricians do things like:

  • Rewiring

  • Setting up equipment

  • Creating electrical systems

  • Linking security alarms, switches, and lights

  • Repair and upkeep of cooling and heating systems

While commercial electricians are responsible for ensuring that the wiring or structure of electrical components in commercial buildings function efficiently and safely, their work occasionally overlaps with that of an industrial electrical contractor. When making repairs and installations, these contractors work directly with clients, repairing everything from minor electrical issues to large-scale new equipment installations.

Identicalities Between Commercial and Industrial Electrical Contractors

To complete various tasks, both industrial and commercial electrical contractors require a solid foundation of electrical knowledge. Both professionals use their electrical knowledge to keep a facility or business running smoothly. They both receive training to work with medium to high voltage equipment and specialize in electrical equipment maintenance, troubleshooting, and repair.

The environment in which they work and their level of specialization distinguish an industrial contractor from a commercial electrician. For example, industrial electricians troubleshoot problems in the manufacturing industry, whereas commercial contractors complete electrical repairs and maintenance in mainstream workplaces. Industrial contractors also have a more diverse skill set and adaptability level when working on large-scale facilities and complex systems.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What’s The Difference Between A Home and Business Installation?

Any electrical work or wiring intended for residential buildings and houses is referred to as residential wiring. This type of wiring is only found in homes. On the other hand, commercial wiring is highly complicated and is designed for commercial buildings such as warehouses, hospitals, and shopping malls.

  • What Do You Call Commercial Electrical Wiring?

Commercial electrical wiring typically employs three-phase power rather than single-phase power. In layman’s terms, cables now have four or five wires rather than just two. This comprises three live cables, one neutral cable, and one earth cable.

What Are the Most Common Electricians and Contractors?

Below are the five most common electricians or contractors:

Electrician/contractor for homes

Electrician/contractor for businesses

Electrician/contractor in industry

Specialists in low voltage/electrical communication

Electricians for automobiles

Not every electrician becomes a contractor, but most residential and commercial electricians do. This allows them to work on projects independently or as part of a contractor company.

Competent Electrical Contractors For Your Business

JG Beacham Electrical tailors its services to your specific needs by listening to and learning about your facility’s requirements. Then, if necessary, our team of experts will conduct a site visit to assist us in determining the best solution. Following that, we provide expert consultation and constant support throughout the process. As a result, we guarantee that we will complete your project on time, on budget, and to your satisfaction.

Regardless of the application, industrial and commercial electrical contracting services can increase your operation’s uptime. To book an appointment for your industrial or commercial electrical needs, contact a JG Beacham Electrical representative.

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