I am Jannatul Ferdause Tumpa. I am a Graduate Student at Department of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science at Marquette University pursuing Ph.D in Computational Sciences.

I am working as Research Assistant at Ubicomp Lab under supervision of Dr. Sheikh Iqbal Ahamed. My Research Interest includes Medical Imaging and Machine Learning for Mobile Health and Computing.

I am an Ambivert person who likes to know new people, make friends, travel new places and do hangouts with friends and family, still needs her own space to feel her own existence, loves to think about random things or read a story book sitting at a quite place alone.

Latest News!

  • [Oct 5, 2018] Attended workshop on "Machine Learning for Medical Imaging" at University of Wisconsin-Madison.
  • [Sep 26-29, 2018] Attended "Grace Hopper Celebration 2018" as Student Scholar at Houston, Texas.