Journal of Frontiers in Interdisciplinary Research and Technology Development


The Journal of Frontiers in Interdisciplinary Research and Technology Development is a biannual research journal in English published by the Center for Research and Technology Development, Sinhgad Institute, Solapur and N B Navale Sinhgad College of Engineering, Solapur. The journal publishes refereed papers covering current research in field of Science Engineering and Technology Developments. The papers must normally present results of original work. Critical reviews of important fields are also published. Papers in applied areas are considered for publication only on the basis of the quality and originality. Special issues devoted to advances in specific areas of selected high quality conferences will also be published.

Invitation for the Editorial Board Membership

Publisher: SPSPM Sinhgad Publications

Available in Printed and Electronic Versions

SPSPM Sinhgad Publications is zealous to promote scholarly, realistic, and contemporary research in the frontier fields of the Technology. Therefore, SFP has taken an initiative to setup Journal of Frontiers in Interdisciplinary Research and Technology Development (JFIRTD) categorized the research field for peer –reviewed, open access journals to be published twice a year.

                    We are pleased to invite you to join the editorial board of a new Journal “JFIRTD”. The primary means of distributing this journal will be over the internet. The journal is being established by Sinhgad Institutes which is a leading Institute in the filed of Engineering and Technology.                               
                    First let us outline the basic idea behind the journal, and then we'll give you the details regarding the editorial board.

We assure that all the papers will be peer reviewed and strictly follow plagiarism norms. We intend to establish a high-quality, refereed journal of Interdisciplinary Research that will be distributed electronically and in Print form also. In addition, each complete volume of the journal will be available in a bound volume. The second issue of every volume will be published in the month of October every year announcement for quality and Novel research will be done in the month of May every year. In establishing this journal, we have the following three goals:

1. Free access to scientific articles for individuals. At least for the first year, the electronic version of the journal will be distributed at no cost over the internet. (In the future, we may have to charge a minimal subscription fee, but hopefully not). The noncommercial reproduction of articles for educational and research purposes will be explicitly permitted.

2. Exploring new capabilities provided by the electronic medium. Electronic publication opens up some interesting possibilities, including:

A) online text searching

B) an electronic newsgroup associated with the journal where published articles can be

discussed and commented upon.

C) enabling authors to publish appendices with pointers to new work.

We sincerely hope you will accept our invitation to join the editorial board of JFIRTD. Though there are already some good journals in the field, this journal presents some new opportunities. We have the potential to significantly alter the way of Interdisciplinary Research. If we are successful, it will mean that quality articles will be available for free (or at very low cost), researchers don't necessarily need to go to the library to look something up, that articles can be published stipulated time, that programs and data will be publishable along with articles, etc.

A highly-respected editorial board will go a long way towards establishing the initial credibility of the journal – which is particularly crucial in an experimental endeavor such as this – as well as helping to assure the long-term quality of the final product. In choosing an editorial board, we are looking for researchers who are not just "well-known", but who have made significant research contributions. As someone whose contributions and technical judgement are highly regarded, you would be helping us by joining the editorial board.

We are looking forward to hearing from you, with a positive response!

Please feel free to send us any questions, concerns or comments as well.