Cover image for Dan Proctor's "Neanderthal Alliance : Sanctuary"

Cover artwork produced for Dan Proctor's science fiction story:

Neanderthals, spaceships, cave lions, bio-robots, and snake men. The universe just got more complicated.

The thirty-year Centauran Rebellion is over, and Captain Thomas Dalton is war-weary and ready for retirement. His plans crumble when the Neanderthals, extinct on Earth for millennia, arrive out of nowhere seeking sanctuary. They’ve brought their enemies with them, and the Sol Alliance is thrown back into war.

The Sol Alliance and Neanderthals join forces. Massively outmatched and low on resources, it's up to Dalton and the crew of the last Neanderthal warship in existence to find a weapon hidden millennia ago. It’s their only chance to fight off the imminent attack by a relentless snake-like alien race.

Dalton’s efforts are sabotaged by Centauran spies and double agents. Can he overcome the enemies from within in order to defend against those from without?