Share Files in Real Time

Sending files to other people via the internet can be a long and drawn-out process. The file must be put into a format that works well with the operating systems of both computers. It needs to upload to a file, get sent, and then download before it can be seen. Depending on the size and type of file, that can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours. Sharing files, collaborating on creative projects, or getting feedback becomes a hassle that halts the momentum and flow of creativity.

Real Time

The process of sending large files just got easier, faster, and more secure with jetdrop. Large creative files can now be sent to anyone in any format in real time. Files are instantly encrypted and sent. No need to change the format of the original piece and no more waiting for files to upload and download. The technology provides three methods of the most advanced encryption standards for security and is available in a free version found at jetdrop.

How It Works

End to end encryption keys are generated at random before the data leaves the computer of the sender. All file types are supported and not even the company providing the service can access the file while it goes from one computer to another. The speed is fast due to an advanced multi-connection threading process that utilizes more available bandwidth. By dragging and dropping files into the window, a sender can share up to one-thousand files at once. All shared files are received in the original condition because there is no need to change or lower quality to send the files over the internet.

Two Versions

The free version of this service allows users to send large files in any format to any desktop, mobile device, or applications. Files are available online for a total of seven days and are then automatically removed. Once that happens, files cannot be recovered by the recipient. Share files with confidence and peace of mind knowing creative work cannot be hacked.

The second version, Jetdrop Pro, is a professional service that allows users to send larger files for a longer period. The fully integrated online system also helps manage and securely store files. The cost is billed to a credit card on a month by month basis. Interested professionals can discover details and pricing at jetdrop. Collaboration or input is essential, security protects creative property, and time is money. There is now a service available that recognizes and responds to all three of those concepts.