Jesús Pérez Rodríguez

Researcher/Professor at Multimodal Simulation Lab, URJC


I'm an Assistant Professor in Computer Graphics and Physics. Currently working @ Multimodal Simulation Lab, URJC Madrid.

My main research interests:

    • Physics-based animation

    • Biomechanical simulation

    • Computational design

    • Digital fabrication

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I'm also interested in game development

Short Bio:

I'm an Assistant Professor and Researcher in Computer Graphics at the Multimodal Simulation Lab (GMRV, URJC). My research focuses on physics-based animation and related application fields, mainly data-driven materials, computational design, and digital fabrication. I'm currently working on biomechanical simulation, model reduction, and simulation enrichment using deep-learning.

I received my BSc in Software Engineering (2010) from Universidad de Oviedo. Then, I obtained an MSc on Artificial Intelligence (2012) from Universidad Politecnica de Madrid. During this period, I worked as a researcher at the Computational Intelligence Group, as a part of the Blue Brain Project. Later, I got an MSc on Computer Graphics, Games and Virtual Reality (2013) from URJC, where I later completed my PhD in Computer Graphics under the supervision of Miguel Otaduy. During his PhD I worked at Disney Research Zurich. After graduation, I obtained an ISTPlus Fellowship (H2020/Marie-Curie Actions) for a postdoctoral position at Visual Computing Lab (IST Austria), where I worked under the supervision of Bernd Bickel.

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Contact: [at]

Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Campus de Móstoles

Edificio Biblioteca, D21, C/ Tulipan s/n, 28933, Spain