Jessica Vazquez

For L.A County Democratic Party

Central Committee- Assembly District 61

Hi everyone!

I want to take this opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Jessica Vazquez. I am a mother of two beautiful toddlers and a very energetic rescue dog, Nube who I am raising alongside my amazing husband, Julio. As a family we are invested in creating positive changes in the lives of others and in our communities. This passion for change derived from my upbringing and life experiences. I grew up in Lennox, CA right under the LAX flight path where we were never met with silence yet our voices were often unheard. The noise from the airplanes, noise of injustice in the streets and noise of poverty filled my community and education became my voice. I was the first in my family to go to college after graduating from Animo Leadership Charter High School at the time located in Inglewood. I attended the University of California, Berkeley where I received a Bachelor's Degree in Ethnic Studies and Sociology. Post undergrad I took one of the most amazing trips of my life. I traveled to Brazil for a study abroad program followed by a 6 month backpacking trip throughout Central America and Mexico. I returned home to work at Burford Elementary School in Lennox for a year as a counseling aide. I then decided to take the next step in my educational career and moved to New York City to attend New York University where I received a Masters degree in Bilingual School Counseling.

I am a daughter of two loving immigrant parents who raised me to be empathetic towards others and to always give a lending hand. As a child I quickly learned about injustices and as a result became an advocate for my parents. I often found myself speaking up regarding my mother's medical rights when people would try and take advantage of her limited English. Additionally, as a first-generation college student growing up in an urban area with under-resourced schools, standing up for myself and the rights of others was my norm. These experiences along with many others shaped my life as an advocate. I decided to pursue a career in school counseling in order to increase educational opportunities for ALL students despite systematic and institutional  barriers. I currently work as a high school counselor in the city of Hawthorne where I have been for the past 8 years. As a counselor, I have dedicated countless hours sharing resources, words of encouragement and knowledge that isn’t always clear and transparent with students in order to help guide them through their educational journeys. I have also been a part of the California Teachers Association and Hawthorne Elementary Teachers Association where I sat on two committees; the Calendar committee and the negotiations committee where I represent union members within my school district.  I consider myself a lifelong educator and advocate. Everyday I work to ensure students, families and colleagues voices are heard and that they have the resources and tools needed to push forward. Prior to being of voting age I spent much of my teenage years, working the polls and volunteering to canvass the community of Lennox in efforts to encourage our community members to register to vote. Through the years I have increased voting registration within my family, community and anyone who will listen to me preach about the importance of voting. I strongly believe in the importance of using one’s voice to create political change by being informed and civically engaged.

I am running to become a part of Los Angeles County Democratic Party Central Committee, Assembly District 62 because I firmly believe in increasing diverse representation within the democratic party. I believe the democratic party should reflect the interests and goals of all democrats and not just a select few. I look forward to serving as an informed resource to my Assembly District by providing educational awareness and informed resources educating the electorate on specific ballot initiatives as well as candidate endorsements. I am also committed to getting progressive candidates who are committed to social justice elected and into leadership roles at the county, state and national levels. While I plan to continue being an educator, I would like to share any knowledge and information gained as a Central Committee Member with my community to increase overall political engagement. Through my passion for civic engagement and my diverse networks, I will work to increase engagement of those who traditionally have not been included. 

I ask for your support and vote during the March 3rd presidential primaries election. I will be appearing under the “MEMBER, COUNTY CENTRAL COMMITTEE, 62ND ASSEMBLY DISTRICT”. There will be 10 candidates running and you can vote for up to seven. I am located in position #9 on the ballot so please make sure to look at all candidates. District 62 is 43% Latinx and I am the only Latina running for this seat! 

Amor y Paz

Jessica Vazquez <3

What will I do? 

-Attend LACDP Central Committee General Membership meetings every second Tuesday of the month


-Increase voter registration and political engagement of those who traditionally have not been included. 

-Provide educational awareness and informed resources educating the electorate on specific ballot initiatives, candidate endorsements as well as democratic local, state and national elections.  

-Commit to getting progressive candidates who are committed to social justice elected and into leadership roles at the county, state and national levels.

L.A County Democratic Party Central Committee

The L.A. County Democratic Party Central Committee ( LACDP) is the official governing body of the Democratic Party in  Los Angeles County. It is the largest local Democratic Party entity in the United States, representing over 2.8 million registered Democrats.  

Elected Members (this is what I am running for): 7 elected members from each state assembly district in L.A. County elected during the Presidential Primary Elections.

Other Members: Appointed Members, Ex-Officio Members, Alternate Members, Associate Members

-Builds the Democratic Party organization at the district, regional, and county levels

-Voter outreach and education

-Interviews, develops and endorses Democratic candidates for public office and the endorsements issued by LACDP in local and municipal races (Example: City Council, county supervisors, assembly members, judges, etc.) become the official endorsements of the California Democratic Party.

LA County Registrar

Mail-in ballots - were distributed the first weeks in February!

February 18th- last day to register to vote. 

February 25th - last day to request a mail-in ballot. 

February 22nd -Voting centers will open!

 March 3rd, 2020- Last day to vote!

VOTE FEBRUARY 22nd-March 3rd

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