Jessica R. Miramontes

Jessica Rachel Miramontes excels at multitasking. Her key to managing her duties as a student, employee, and parent is her personally developed workflow management system, comprising Six Sigma Best Practices and her own entrepreneurial skills. Jessica worked as a physical education assistant in the Ontario-Montclair School District. For more than two years she assisted a lead teacher with teaching physical education to approximately 1,200 students each week. During this same time, she was a full-time student at the University of La Verne, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in liberal studies. Before matriculating at the University of La Verne, Jessica studied at Chaffey College in Rancho Cucamonga. While a student at Chaffey, she worked as a library circulation clerk at the college.

Her diverse work history includes working as a laboratory specimen processor, an auto parts sales manager, and a real estate office manager. Her proactive, problem-solving, self-directed approach and her excellent customer service skills led to her success in each of these diverse roles. She was promoted to commercial and inventory management in the auto parts industry. During her real estate experience, she implemented new IT platforms and tools to better meet the buyers’ needs and shared her communications technology knowledge with her colleagues.

In her current role as the Director of Operations and Business Analytics for the Office of Human Resources and the University of La Verne, Jessica’s time management skills enable her to efficiently embrace an ever-growing list of projects. She does so while simultaneously pursuing her Educational Doctorate in Organizational Leadership and advise on the Alumni Advisory Board at the University of La Verne. And every year, Jessica volunteers with the University of La Verne’s Family Learning Conference, where she engages with students and their families to bring reading literacy to the safety net population.