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Many of us are having a headache with casino games. Before playing you may want to know your best chance to win. Let's see what advantages you will have.

Board games are your best choice.

Jay Bean, manager of the Cincinnati Horseshoe Casino, agreed to discuss with us the best gambling games available.

He said many people don't know that board games are better than slot machines. Because there are various cards that are consuming their money or images of games, they choose to play download scr888 hack android a more secure game but this is incorrect.

So, what advice does Bean have after you spend your time on slot machines? Try switching to playing blackjack.


Bean says blackjack has the highest chance of winning, most casinos only have a 1% chance, and you can also play with the bookmaker instead of the poker champion.

Blackjack is one of the easiest games. You only need to score to make the dealer score no more than 21."

If you've just started gambling, Bean says you should sit down during busy hours and the dealer will take you into the game.

But says the same thing doesn't apply to poker. Bean believes that new gamblers will choose to play games with your friends at home until you can play games fluently, which can be difficult to compete with.


Bean recommends playing dice or mini games on a blackjack board, which is the second best odds game at 50-50.

For beginners, rolling the dice seems a bit confusing because there are many slots on the board but this is not difficult and it is one of the games with the highest chance of winning because you will roll the dice to gamble.

3. Roulette

Bean says your next destination is roulette, because it's easy to play and it pays well.

You bet on your favorite number. The dealer will turn the steering wheel. If your breasts show you won

If you only stick to red or black, you have a 50-50 chance of winning. If the ball lands in red and you choose red your bet will be doubled. Bean explanation

Although choosing colors alone seems to have an equal chance of winning, this could be a casino trap. The green positions on the steering wheel are 0 and 00, all of which are Malaysia wheel.

Or if you feel lucky that you can only play one number, it may be difficult to win, but if you win the system will pay 36 to 1.

Worst deal

What is your worst odds? All casinos are widely known and don't want to talk about games with high odds.

So we studied Forbes Magazine, which reported on gambling in casinos, such as two popular games, Wheel of Fortune and Slots. The chance of winning is the lowest, with only a 10% chance.

For slot games, the more money you make in each round, the higher your chance of winning. In addition, state statistics show that slot machines with fewer shillings have the lowest odds, but slot machines with $ 1 to $ 5 are more likely .

You can learn more about specific slot machine odds for each state that owns a casino by visiting the Casino Guide.

Experts agree

Magazine, a professor of analytics at the University of Cincinnati, agrees that blackjack is the best way to go home with money in your pocket. Learning the game may take some time, but your chances of winning are high.

The magazine tells you: "The chance of winning each game is 44% to 48%," and it is unlikely that a casino game will always be with you.

But magazines have been used with caution and do not promote gambling, as games with high odds are still good for casinos.

Play long enough and you will lose. In the long run, the house will not lose.

If you are concerned about playing any game other than slot machines, the casino operator will say that your best bet is to visit at a slower time when the trader has more time to help you. How you can spend time learning games without wasting money, or check out a short but effective writing guide about online casinos-click here.