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The Star Wars Sessions

Episode III: The Forms Awakens - Getting Started with Google Forms (Coming in 2018)

Episode IV: May The Forms Be With You - Going from Padawan to Jedi Master in Google Forms

Episode V: Revenge of the Sheets - Learn to Google Sheets the Jedi Way

Featured Sessions

Going Down The Rabbit Hole With Google Tools

Google Classroom - Taking It To The Next Level

Give Geo A Chance!

Way More Than a Slide Show - Creative Ways to Use Google Slides in the Classroom!

Changing School Communities Through Innovation And Student Empowerment

Additional Sessions

Building Capacity - Out of the Box Professional Development Models for Google Apps

CS First

New Age Imagery- 360° Images & Video

Social Media - Building Your Brand

I’ve Got The Power! - Powering Up Your Classroom with Google Add-Ons

Can You Hear Me Now? - Creating Your Own PLN Using Twitter

Express Mail - Gmail 101

Hangin' Out: Using Google Hangouts to Build Dynamic Online Professional Learning Communities

Coming Soon!

Nuthin' But a 'G Suite' Thang! - Getting Going with Google Drive (Coming in 2018)

A Beginner's Guide to the Mystic Arts of Google Sheets (Coming in 2018)

A Day at The Museum: Exploring the World Through Google Arts & Culture (Coming in 2018)


Google for Education Trainer 1-Day Bootcamp

Google for Education Certified Educator Level 1 Bootcamp

Google for Education Certified Educator Level 2 Bootcamp

Google for Education Clerical & Classified Bootcamp

Leading and Learning Administrator Bootcamp


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