I use a free app (Medibang) on my phone to do most of my digital art. I'm often inspired to create based on subjects of interest (insects, suprematism, loved ones) or experimenting with new methods (creating gifs or tiling patterns). I also have an art instagram, @bumble.chub, and a Redbubble where you can buy some insect related designs as stickers. If you like my art, you can always send me a tip here.

dog portraits

cat portraits

rabbit portraits

tiled patterns

green and pink text on a green background that reads "abolitionist futures are being built every day". small seedlings pop out of the text.

activist art

faux 3D portraits

A teal disabled mermaid with a yellow bob and purple tail holds her arm stumps high in a celebratory fashion.

art about embodiment

portrait with emoji

simple narrative gif

simple wiggle gif

logo prototypes

drawing of elderflower and cornflowers on a yellow background

phone wallpapers

colorblock prints

Russian suprematist movement inspired pieces

A drawing of four thrips facing each other with hearts around them. The drawing looks as if it was created on black to rainbow scratch paper.

insect art

silly pet edits

palette challenge

simple sketches

barn quilt blocks

art created during COVID-19 pandemic

A drawing of two figures hugging each other. One wears a breathing tube and the other has a hearing aid and locs. Over the top of them is the text "Protect Disabled Lives". They are surrounded by hearts.
A drawing of three figures hugging each other. One wears a mask and carries a cane. One has a limb difference. One is wearing a breathing tube and glasses. All are Black or brown people. The text above them reads "Nobody is Disposable". There is a soft rainbow background.
A drawing of reds and pinks that reads "Laziness" is capitalist propaganda". The words are surrounded by a variety of simple flowers.

Drawing Challenges

mermay 2021 art challenge
february 2021 doodle-a-day challenge!
inktober 2020: insectober!
inktober 2019
Inktober 2018


activist creativity and inspiration packet.pdf

Four coloring pages! Please note the first one was not created by me, but was inspiration for me to create the other three.