Frequently Asked Questions:

What's It All About?

The Jersey Thunder Elite is the traveling team for Ath-Ed Sports. Keeping our basic principles in mind, we want you to PLAY a lot, not PAY a lot. Although our traveling team is a fraction of the cost of most other programs, we will never sacrifice the quality or integrity of our program. We are second to none in coaching, teaching, and honoring the game. All of our athletes will benefit from our program.

How Do We Prepare You For Collegiate Lacrosse?

Our staff is full of high school coaches with tons of experience in college recruiting, former Division I, II, and III lacrosse players, and college coaches. The major transition that comes from playing at the higher level is learning how to play as a team. All of our coaches teach the philosophies of playing as one competitive unit, which is the foundation of any great college lacrosse team, and a skill that is vitally important for high school athletes to learn before playing at the next level.

We have partnered with SportsRecruits - The premiere college recruiting service to ensure that our athletes have access to every college coach in the country as well as an abundance of tools right at their fingertips. "The whole is greater than the sum of its parts." Play Thunder Lacrosse - Learn how to play competitively on a team, and how it works on the next level.

Who Can Play?

Anyone. You do not need to play Ath-Ed to be on this roster. However, the Ath-Ed league is a GREAT way to prepare and sharpen your skills for the tournaments.