Jordan Elbridge Orchestra

Welcome to the Jordan Elbridge Orchestra page, currently available to 4th and 5th (JEDI) and Jordan Elbridge Middle School (JEMS 6th 7th and 8th) students.

After-school lesson schedule:

All after-school lessons run from 2:35 - 3:15. A bus is available at 3:15 to transport children home from school.

  • Mondays - Violin lessons
  • Tuesdays - full orchestra - see May 21 pieces below.
  • Wednesdays - Cello and Viola lessons
  • Thursdays - full orchestra - see May 21 pieces below.
  • Fridays - piano/guitar/rock band club

Interested in renting an instrument to practice at home? Please check the size first, and then reserve at

Tuesday, May 21 Concert Program:

String orchestra will be performing 3 pieces on May 21 at 7pm, high school auditorium.

1. Last Minute Latin

2. Ode to Joy

3. Hand Clap

Last minute latin – always always listen for the “groove.”

Ode to Joy - you can play along with this digital version. Steady beat, think ahead.

Hand Clap

String orchestra will be finished for the year on May 21, but lessons will be available during the chorus block on Fridays.

Advanced Orchestra - June 11 7pm -

This group will require additional rehearsals DAILY beginning on Wednesday, May 22. Rehearsals run until 3:15

Auditions - You will have a 20 minute audition time, scheduled in the morning during school.

Friday, February 1st - 8th Grade

Monday, February 11th - 7th Grade

Tuesday, February 12th - 6th Grade

Wednesday, February 13th - 4th and 5th grade, make-up auditions.

Click to listen:

The Abandoned Funhouse:

Jurassic Park

Challenge - if we can play it, I will wear the dino suit. Challenge accepted????

Contact Mrs. Love for more information.