Art-Goût-Beauté ( Art, Taste, Beauty) is one of my favorite fashion periodicals. Even though I don't speak or read French, the colorful fashion illustrations and plates require no translation. Art, Taste, and Beauty speak an international language that is saturated in the 1920's Art Deco style. According to Otis College of Art and Design, Art-Goût-Beauté was published in Paris from 1920 to 1933. The illustrations are hand-colored pochoir images, the text is in French and the binding had a gold sash. You may find it odd, but some of the images I have chosen for this gallery include advertisements, and even the front and back papers. These things add to the character and beauty of these periodicals as much as the illustrations themselves. The following gallery was compiled from the Art-Goût-Beauté collection at the Internet Archive. | If you have any suggestions, complaints, insults, ideas, love, or money you want to share - get in touch.

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