Teaching & Outreach

As an undergraduate geology major at the College of Charleston, I was given the opportunity to assist in teaching geology labs and found that I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of translating complex geologic concepts into easily tangible pieces. I have since garnered many more years of teaching experience including 6+ years of graduate school (both as a TA and an instructor of record), two years teaching high school in the Virgin islands, and serving as a Teaching affiliate at the center for teaching at Vanderbilt University. However, disseminating and making complex scientific subjects available to students and non-scientists still remains one of my main teaching goals. Because of this philosophy, I also work with the Vanderbilt Programs for Talented Youth (middle and high school level) and volunteer at scientific outreach events and career days. In 2016 I was honored to receive the Vanderbilt University Arts and Sciences Graduate Student Teaching Award for my work developing and teaching Laboratory and field courses at Vanderbilt University. Additional courses I have taught or TA'ed include: Global Climate Change, Dynamic Earth, Paleontology, Dinosaurs, History of Life, Spanish, Biology, Marine Biology, Science Risk and Policy, Principles of Historical Geology, and Environmental Studies. Throughout my courses I challenge students to think critically and develop methods to solve complex issues by applying knowledge in problem-based learning scenarios. I encourage students to develop problem solving methods that can also be applied outside the classroom setting.

As an educator, I am constantly reminded how essential it is to share resources with fellow teachers. Below is a list of education resources and activities I have found quite useful.