Welcome to the Jeffrey Breault blog, which aims to provide both sound financial advice as well as ways to enjoy your wealth once you build a rock solid foundation. Readers can come to this meeting place for all things automotive industry (whether it’s restoration or racing), country music, and Wichita State University Basketball.

Jeffrey likes to discuss finance and has been involved in the financial sector for over 25 years. He aims always to give sound, unbiased financial advice to his diverse client base that spans across the nation. He aims to provide both educational materials about ways to accumulate and protect wealth while also discussing the ways in life to enjoy one’s wealth once their goals have been realized.

Topics might also include how to achieve that elusive work/life balance, how to be a successful family person, and more. Jeffrey is happily married to his wife Shelly. Together, they raise two teenage boys, Alex and Andrew. This blog will also talk about ways to give back to the community, which Jeffrey does himself through nonprofits, local charities, and through his involvement with the Shriners. Readers of this blog can expect to find valuable information that will help them achieve success in all of their endeavors, both professionally and personally.