Documents & Forms

A tad boring but totally necessary. Here are the essentials you are looking for (or will be soon). We've got you covered.

Reimbursement Forms

  • Class Party Funds Reimbursement Form. For each classroom's annual allotment of funds available for winter holiday parties in December and Valentine‚Äôs Day parties in February. The Kindergarten and 6th Grade classrooms will receive an additional allotment of funds for graduation parties.
  • Classroom Funds Reimbursement Form. For each teacher's (Classroom/Specials) annual allotment of funds available to reimburse for classroom supplies or expenses directly related to the classroom.
  • Committee Reimbursement Form. This form is to be completed by Committee Volunteers and/or Committee Chairpersons for reimbursements related to committee events.
  • General Reimbursement Form. For reimbursements NOT related to classroom or class party funds or committee events.

Additional Forms

  • Cash Box Request Form. The Cash Box requires a visit to the bank, so it is important to submit this form to the Treasurer at least 7 days prior to date needed.
  • Check Request Form. Complete this form when requesting a check from the Treasurer to pay a vendor invoice.
  • Deposit Form. Complete this form at the conclusion of any PTO event where monies are received.
  • Donation Request Form. Use this form when soliciting donations of any kind from local businesses.
  • Scrip Order Form. Orders can be placed via order form/check OR online using Presto Pay. If using check, return order form WITH PAYMENT to Office ATTN: Christa Kennell OR in Monday folder. If using Presto Pay, place orders online.