Jeff Ber is an entrepreneur and business management professional. A survivor of a terminal diagnosis of testicular cancer, Ber’s personal life is dedicated to advocating for cancer awareness. Drawing on his own experience with the disease, the survivor turned motivational speaker enjoys sharing his story with others.

Jeff Ber - Entrepreneur & Business Management

Seasoned in his own right, Jeff Ber is backed by extensive business experience. He maintains a Bachelor of Commerce in Business Management from Concordia University. His accomplishments in the professional sphere have even earned him the accolade of “Young Gun of the Year.” This title solidified his innovative and influential work as a young entrepreneur.

Now, through his own blog series on entrepreneurship and business management, Jeff Ber is working to motivate and inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs. In his series, Ber often highlights the accomplishments of rising entrepreneurs who are thinking outside of the box. He hopes that this will show his readers that having an idea is one thing -- getting out there and making it happen is another!


When Jeff Ber was diagnosed with terminal testicular cancer -- his life changed forever. After beating the odds and overcoming the disease, Ber’s story was rewritten in a new direction.

Jeff Ber is proud to be the Vice President of Operations at Oneball, a unique charitable organization that advocates for men with testicular cancer. Taking a humorous approach to health education, Oneball is not your average nonprofit! The executive team -- which nicknamed Ber “the backbone of Oneball” -- is all about destroying the stigma surrounding men’s health. A survivor of the disease himself, Ber is proud to be a part of the revolutionary nonprofit.

Jeff Ber Oneball