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Payless community rewards

Do you shop at our local Payless grocery stores?

Visit to enroll and register your Kroger Plus Rewards Card and link it to our Band Boosters account. All money earned will go to the Band Boosters to help for miscellaneous expenses throughout the school year.

    1. If you have an online account, just sign in. If you do not have an account, click "create an account."
    2. Enter an email address, password, and select your preferred store. Note - there are no stores listed in Lafayette (due to Payless ownership), but it doesn't matter. Type in your zip code and click on the closest store, which is probably Monticello or Lebanon.
    3. Once you are registered, you can edit your profile to enter your KrogerPlus Card # or Alternate ID (telephone # associated with your account).
    4. After you're done, scroll to the bottom and click on "Community Rewards" to link your profile to the Jefferson Band Department. In the "Search" field, type 10497. Click "Confirm", and you're done!

amazon smile

Do you shop at Amazon?

Visit and select Lafayette Jefferson Band Boosters Inc to apply rewards to our Band Booster organization!

annual fundraisers

Brown's Accent Candles


Forms and money are due...

Candles will be delivered before Mother's Day.

Cost is $8.00 per candle, and students will earn $4.00 in their account for each candle sold.

Purdue graduation Photography

May 10, 11, & 12

This fundraiser involves helping the photography company get photos of individual graduates, taken before the actual ceremony. You MUST be certain that you will be available to work, as we are contracted to provide a certain number of workers.

Payment is $22 per shift.

Interested? Please call Jana Reinhart (772-4700 ext. 2892) for more information.

Mission Breakout

Sunday, January 27, 2019 | Sign up for an hour between 12-8pm

The band is partnering with Mission Breakout for a unique fundraising opportunity! Mission Breakout is an "escape room" located on Earl Avenue, in Lafayette. There are three or four rooms that will be available for students and family/friends to try to "escape."

Cost is $25 per person, and students will receive half ($12.50) for each person registered.

We will deposit the money for anyone participating on a student's behalf into that particular student's account. If a family of four would like to attend, that would be an initial cost of $100, but $50 would be credited to that student's account.

Smaller rooms can accommodate 4-6 participants. Larger rooms can accommodate 8-10 participants.

Interested? Sign up to reserve a room by one of the following options:

- Online at

- Call 765-250-5180

- In person at 325 S. Earl Avenue, Suite 3

- Just show up on the day of the event

A signed waiver is required for each participant and can be downloaded here.

If questions, please call Jana Reinhart (772-4700 ext. 2892) or email at

annual Band Booster Car Wash

Saturday, June 8

Students will ask for sponsorships from family, friends, and coworkers. The entire amount raised in sponsorships will be credited to the individual student's account. Packets with specific details will be given to each marcher at the end of the school year, which will allow them plenty of time to ask for sponsorships.

4h Fair

ticket booth workers

July 20-July 27

We are contracted by the 4H Fair board to provide workers for four ticket sale booths. Times will vary each day, and the work is easy! The booths are air conditioned, and shifts are two (2) hours long.

Payment for this fundraiser is $8 an hour.

Interested? Please call Jana Reinhart (772-4700 ext. 2892) to add your name to the list!

other fundraisers

Cheese and Sausage Sale

This fundraiser traditionally runs each Fall. More information and order forms will be made available to students next school year.

Fannie May Candy Sale

This fundraiser traditionally runs in early Winter. More information and order forms will be made available to students next school year.

Students earn $5.50 per box sold into their band account.

Butter Braid Breads

This fundraiser traditionally runs late in the Winter. More information and order forms will be made available to students in November.

Students earn $4.50 per item sold into their band account.