Judgement and Decision-Making Winter Symposium

The Judgment and Decision-making Winter Symposium brings together scholars from different fields such as Business, Psychology and Economics. The multidisciplinary symposium is planned to explore and stimulate discussions on issues relevant to Judgment and Decision Making such as (but not limited to) individual decision-making, prediction, judgment biases, intertemporal decision-making, behavioral economics, consumer decision-making, optimism and pessimism, risk assessment, choice under uncertainty, organizational decision-making, small group decision-making, self-control, choice conflict, moral decision-making etc. Methodologies can vary across lab experiments, field studies, large scale surveys, theory-testing, model building etc.

16-18th January, 2020 at Cliff Lodge, Snowbird, Utah.

Organized by: Arul Mishra, Darron Billeter, and Himanshu Mishra