I received a Ph.D. in mathematics at Iowa State University and my mentor is Jonas Hartwig.



  • Representation theory of Lie algebras and their deformations

  • Gelfand-Tsetlin theory

  • Yangians

  • Quantum algebras


  • Bachelor of Arts, Mathematics, Greenville College, May 2017

  • Ph.D., Mathematics, Iowa State University, May 2022


  • Generic Gelfand-Tsetlin Modules of Quantized and Classical Orthogonal Algebras. arxiv.org/abs/2202.13488 (Accepted in the Journal of Algebra)

  • Generic Gelfand-Tsetlin Representations of $U_q^{\text{tw}}(\mathfrak{so}_3)$ and $U_q^{\text{tw}}(\mathfrak{so}_4)$. arxiv.org/abs/2105.08033 (To appear in the Journal of Algebra and Its Applications)

Invited Talks

  • UC Riverside Lie Theory Seminar, May 2022

  • AMS Spring Central Virtual Sectional Meeting, March 2022

  • Virginia Tech University Algebra Seminar, March 2022

  • University of Arizona Mathematical Physics and Probability Seminar, Feb. 2022

  • University of Texas at Arlington Representations and Geometry Seminar, Nov. 2021

  • Northern Illinois University Math Department Colloquium, Oct. 2021

  • University of Iowa Algebra Seminar, Oct. 2021

  • Illinois State University Algebra Seminar, Oct. 2021

  • University of South Alabama Math Department Colloquium, Oct. 2021

  • Iowa State University Algebra/Geometry Seminar, Sept. 2021

  • AMS Spring Southeastern Virtual Sectional Meeting 2021, March 2021

  • Iowa State University Algebra/Geometry Seminar, Nov. 2020

Teaching (Standalone courses)

  • Calculus III, Iowa State University, Fall 2022

  • College Algebra, Iowa State University, Summer 2019 and Fall 2022

  • College Algebra, Kaskaskia College, Summer 2021