Jennifer Davis

Students Communicating as Scientists: Assessing Three-Dimensional Science with Technology


I began doctoral classes at UNL in Fall 2016 and I joined the cohort of students in the Carnegie Program on the Education Doctorate in the Spring semester of 2017. I am the Technology Director at Pender Public Schools, a position which I have held since July 2017. I am responsible for network architecture and maintenance, information systems, as well classroom technology integration for the district. Prior to taking on these responsibilities I taught middle school and high school science. I have been active in state-wide science education groups and in 2016-2017, I served on the team that revised the Nebraska state science standards. I strive to stay connected to the science teaching community while expanding my knowledge about information systems. I continue to teach dual-credit biology one period per day. More biographical information is found on this page.

As with many academic topics, the areas of science education and instructional technology are filled with vocabulary that may seem daunting to the uninitiated. Some terms may also hold multiple, contextual meanings. In addition to explanations and definitions throughout the four strands, I have compiled a vocabulary set for reference and clarity.

Jello Cells - 7th grade, 2010
Earth's Timeline - 6th grade, 2011
Measuring volume - 8th grade, 2014.
Chromatography of Drosophila melanogaster eye pigments - Advanced Biology, 2015
Science Fair, 2016
A new office, 2017.
3D Printing, 7th grade, 2017
Bubbles & Cell Membrandes - Advanced Biology, 2018